Centre for Geo Informatics


The Geoinformatics Laboratory under the Jamsetji Tata Centre for Disaster Management (JTCDM), was established in 2006, the first of its kind in a social science institute, with support from the Jamsetji Tata Trust. The multidisciplinary centre also houses the GIS laboratory. It provides support to teaching, training and conducting advanced research in the field of disaster studies and is also used by students and faculty colleagues from School of Development Studies, Habitat Studies and scholars from outside. M.Phil/PhD scholars also use the laboraroty. The laboratory facilities include desktop computers, image processing and GIS software, and GPS devices. 

The mission of the Geoinformatics Centre is to coordinate, educate, guide and assist the implementation, maintenance and development of Remote Sensing and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology for addressing the societal needs through capacity building.