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We are a group of people coming together to imagine ways of thinking critically about gender in contemporary times, particularly in campus spaces. At a time when women, trans, queer persons are into various spheres of public life, feminism is celebrated by every corporate brand, and even same  sex  marriage is on the cards, what new questions can we ask of gender in our many worlds? How do we understand these developments in relation to growing precarity and threat of violence that surrounds oppressed communities? What about the censure of student mobilisations? What about repression of  thoughts, mobility, expression in our everyday existence?

Through this initiative, we are hoping to build a space that re-engages with questions around gender and how it gets constituted and navigated in relation to axes including caste, religion, language, class, sexuality, ability and race. How do we employ feminist analysis in conjunction with other transformative  epistemologies to understand contemporary issues?

Join us every Wednesday at 6pm for talks, film screenings, book discussions and more to approach these questions together.

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  • A talk on the topic Manipur Crisis- Through the Lens of Land, Natural Resources and Infrastructure - Read More
  • Join us for Film Screening - Read More
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  • Join us for Book Discussion and Talk - Read More
  • Join us screening of a short film titled 'Blurring Lines' - Read More
  • Join Us in Converstaion with "Shehzor" - Read More
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