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Students have always been an integral part of the Centre’s identity, on campus and within academic spaces. Students participate in strength at the IAWS conferences, and have contributed greatly toward the feminist exercise of reflexivity in these spaces. Students have been at the forefront of various campus initiatives like Kafila, a students’ festival, Period, a performance and commentary aimed toward building gender-awareness on campus, are some of these. Guzargah, a student-led initiative shared between the MA and Mphil scholars, organises student-organised seminars. Students’ publications in the form of working paper series are a feature of the Centre’s work and activities, and have greatly contributed to the quality of dissertations. Our learnings from these, of the value of situated knowledges, continue to grow.

The Placement Cell has been developed almost entirely by the students, and as it continues to grow, provides a growing identity and platform for students and researchers.

In addition to awards instituted by the Institute, the Chaya Datar Award for best student MA dissertation in Women’s Studies was announced in 2011, and continues to be a source of inspiration to students. Alumni of the centre continue to carry gender work forward in national and international fora, and make us proud!


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