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There are 2 events in the School of Health Systems Studies, organized and managed by the students with some help from different faculty. The two events are

  • An annual academic event (Clairvoyance) for discussing and interacting with various issues related to different domain of healthcare
  • An Alumni Meet


The word ‘Clairvoyance’ which is derived from two French words, meaning ‘clear’ and ‘vision’ is understood as ‘the ability to perceive things or events in the future or beyond the normal senses’.

Clairvoyance is also the name of the annual signature academic conclave of the School of Health Systems Studies. It is a two-day event held every year in December and is managed by the students. True to its name, ‘Clairvoyance’ across the years has been instrumental in bringing leaders or visionaries in the field of healthcare for discussing the past, present and future of Public Health & Health Care. In the year 2015, Clairvoyance was the first of its kind in the country which discussed and debated the readiness of India in the area of Sustainable Development Goals.

The theme of the Clairvoyance 2016 was ‘The Challenges of Change’ with four broad sub-themes: Changing Demography, Changing Technology, Changing Health Systems, and Changing Environment. It was a great success attracting wide participation across schools and different universities. It had a high academic and inspirational quality due to a galaxy of eminent academicians and practitioners who shared their insights and ideas with students. The WHO Representative for India, Dr. Henk Bekedam and the former health secretary (currently Chief Secretary) of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Girija Vaidyanathan, were the chief guests. Debates and Poster competitions were also held.

The SHSS Alumni Meet (NOSTOS-2016)

An Alumni was also organised in December 2016, by the students. The programme included a panel discussion on “SHSS-TISS: Past, Present & Future” and was successful in bringing together a range of health care practitioners and managers associated with the School. It was also a wonderful platform for the current students to learn about and interact with alumni who have etched their names in the field o healthcare. The alumni web portal is successfully functioning and expanding.


As part of a collaboration with the University of Minnesota, students from SHSS attend their Summer Public Health Institute. Last year, six Masters students attended the programme, and this year, another six students have followed suit. The institute and school faculty are also working on building more international collaborations, thus opening the learning opportunities for students to get international exposure.

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