Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership


Noel Machado

Dr. Noel Machado is the Advisor for Industry-Academia Collaboration at C SOL and a visiting professor at TISS' School of Management and Labour Studies. He has over twenty years of experience in commerce and industry. He was the head of HR consulting at Ernst & Young, Mumbai; managing partner of Prashnodaya (an OD firm); and vice president, HR technology & organisational effectiveness at Accenture, India.

Dr. Machado’s expertise lies in two complementary areas of leadership & organisation development, viz. (i) human  psychology - how individual and interpersonal characteristics shape performance; and (ii) organisation science - how organisational structures and cultures influence success


Dr. Joseph George is the Founder of Workplace Catalysts LLP and Consultant with Harrison Assessments India. His work includes integrating the streams of career development, training & development, and organisation development.

Dr. George’s expertise is based on line, staff and consulting experiences spanning two decades. He has worked across the globe and his methods are based on research in the behavioural sciences. His specialities include working on the confluence between behavioural sciences, technology and business strategy; organisation design; organisation development; and the development of teams and leadership.

 Dr Sunita Chug

Dr. Sunita Chugh is a leadership and OD professional. She has, for the past two decades, trained many leaders, managers and teams of Fortune 500 and Indian organisations. Her focus has been on personal leadership and organisational transformation.

Dr. Chugh works on change management processes through the lens of leadership. She is passionate about gender work & inclusion, talent management, culture and values of organisations. She earned her MBA in 1990 and PhD in 2008 in human resource and organisational leadership respectively. Dr. Chugh’s publications are primarily in the areas of gender and leadership.


Ms. Radhika Subramanian is an alumnus of TISS and the Founder of Glow Worm Consulting. She works with leaders in areas of organisational culture and its alignment with business strategy, emotional intelligence and dexterous leadership.

Ms. Subramanian’s experience includes driving positive impact of organisational culture and intercultural intelligence on  business performance, building collaborative local and global teams and coaching leaders on achieving goals through their people.

Mr. Mathew Kuruvilla 

Mr. Mathew Kuruvilla is an independent coach and consultant working with large organisations on organisation development and organisation effectiveness. He has significant experience in enabling individuals, teams and organisations in the banking, technology, pharmaceuticals and management consulting domains.

Mr. Kuruvilla's experience includes areas of HR strategy, leadership development, organisation design and effectiveness, performance, talent, succession, change management, employee engagement and HR regulatory compliance.

Mr Santosh babu  Mr. Santhosh Babu is the Chairman and Founder of ODA (Organization Development Alternatives Consultants Pvt. Ltd) and author of India’s first book on Coaching published by Wiley. He also wrote the column ‘Buddha in the Boardroom’ in Business Today and occasionally writes for Huffington Post. He has also contributed a paper in the book, OD Accelerating Learning and Development published by Sage. Mr. Santhosh Babu has twenty years of experience as a consultant, helping organisations to be purposeful and successful.

EPGDODC Programme Incharge

Satish Karla

Dr. Satish Kalra is the Programme Incharge for our EPGDODC at Delhi. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Lucknow University and a Ph.D. from TISS. He has held various academic/administrative positions at institutions including NITIE Mumbai, IIM Lucknow, MDI Gurgaon and IMI New Delhi. Dr. Kalra has also been associated with professional & academic
bodies as a member in their academic council/board, including the Educational Technology & Management Academy, the School of Business Galgotia University, Noida, and the Indian Society for Training and Development.

Dr. Kalra is involved in teaching, research, training and consulting in a range of organisations and contexts. He has published around 90 articles in various national and international journals. His consulting work has spanned a broad spectrum of HR and OD interventions. He is presently interested in the areas of Self-oriented HRD interventions, HPM and cross-cultural dimensions of leadership.

Ms. Megha Don Bosco 

Ms. Megha Don Bosco is the Programme Incharge for our EPGDODC at Bengaluru. She is an experiential-learning designer and OD practitioner. Her background is in talent acquisition, new-hire integration, and the management of performance and talent. Her interests lie in the interplay between organisational culture and individual values in workplace inclusion and diversity.

Ms. Don Bosco has facilitated the design and delivery of manager and leadership  development programmes. She has supported initiatives such as aligning individual and organisational goals, talent mentoring programmes and gender inclusion and diversity efforts. She is a co-founder of Glow Worm Consulting.