Centre for Social and Organisational Leadership

Field Immersion

Winter School participant during presentations of Field Immersion experiences, 2017-18

Field immersion provides an in-depth insight into the organisational life and the role of professionals who deal with OD and change management. The curriculum of field immersion has been designed to integrate classroom learning with real-life experience. The primary aim is to equip participants with necessary competencies for OD and change capabilities in a range of work contexts.

Field immersions are an integral part of all our teaching programmes. Within the Executiveprogramme (EPGDODC), participants undertake two field-immersion projects over a period of 10 weeks. At our Winter School, participants spend as much time in the field as in the classroom. Similarly, 24 credits in our MA (ODCL) programme are devoted to field-immersions.

Our faculty and associates facilitate students’ learning in their field-immersion projects. Theseprojects result in significant value-addition, and even transformations, of the organisations within which they are carried out and contribute substantially to the realisation of the TISS vision.

Students’ learning during field immersion is reviewed by panels of internal and external experts. Our students have undertaken projects across small entrepreneurial firms, multi-national companies, voluntary organisations, schools, police and other government institutions.