Centre for Social Entrepreneurship


1. CSR for New Age Businesses

The approach towards CSR is undergoing a fundamental change. There is a pressing need to integrate CSR with the organizations’ value-creating activities. The new-age business thinking calls for grounding CSR into the organizations’ day-to-day operations which will lead to utilizing CSR as a tool for economic and social value creation which is linked to SDG. 


2. Strategic Thinking for Mid-Level Managers

It is proven that strategy is no more ‘top-down’ and participation of all the levels of professionals is critical. The strategy incorporates innovative thinking and creating a niche position through a participative process. To facilitate this process, we also need a smart pool of mid-level managers who can drive this strategic level of thinking for the organization.


3. Innovative Leadership for Effective Business Performance 

Leadership development is an organizational process that exists at all levels of management. With the dynamic business environment, it is imperative that the leaders drive innovative business agenda to remain relevant in the context. This will also enable the organizations to remain ahead of the curve while strengthening their competitive position.


4. Social Sensitivity in Managerial Function

Social sensitivity is an integral part of human behavior. In an organizational framework, this enhances the efficiency of high-performance teams leading to the performance of the business. This will enable create socially sensitive managers who are committed to the business performance while also facilitating a harmonious yet high performance-driven work environment.