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The MARC consolidates the audio-visual and graphics services currently offered by CMCS. It works in tandem with the CCMP to respond to the needs of other Centres and Schools within TISS, to facilitate the documentation of their work and design of their publicity and teaching materials. The Digital Archive has built up a valuable collection of around 3000 films as well as photographs and footage. It is in the process of making selected sections of the archive available on the internet. It also networks with other organisations to promote dissemination of films through screenings, film festivals and other events.

The School has initiated various activities to facilitate networking and dialogue on themes relating to media and cultural studies within TISS and beyond. The programmes include an annual national student seminar and film festival, Adda, the Film Club, Culture Cafe, a forum for dialogue, an Artist/Scholar-in-residence programme and fellowships to early career media practitioners.

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