Centre for Equity and Justice for Children and Families


Publications of Faculties :

Year of Publication : 2016

Devi Prasad, B., Srilatha, J., Mahima, N and Madhura, N (2016). Family Transitions and Emerging forms (Special Issue) The Indian Journal of Social Work, 77 (4):359-510.

Chapters in Books :

Nagchoudhuri, M. and Juvva, S.(2016). Power and Leveraging in a Disability Context Chapter in Interrogating Disability in India: Theory and Practice,Ghosh N. (Ed) pp. 111-126.Springer.


Articles in others :

Lane, L. and Nagchoudhuri, M. (2015). Teachers attitudes towards Students with disability in higher education. Quest in Education, XXXIX(4)pp. 12-22.