Early Literacy Initiative


The overall objectives of initiative are to build the capabilities of individuals and institutions working in the area of early literacy in the country; and to play a leadership role in terms of providing visibility to a much-neglected domain.

The ELI takes a three-pronged approach, and specific objectives of which are:

  1. Research: To create a shared and evolving understanding of the teaching and learning of early literacy in Indian contexts through documentation and dissemination of knowledge that is currently available; as well as the creation of new knowledge and understandings through research and experience sharing.
  2. Teaching: To create a cadre of knowledgeable and well-prepared professionals at various levels, such as, at the levels of university faculty, teacher educators, teachers and allied professionals working in the educational sector.
  3. Advocacy: To provide visibility and leadership to work in early literacy by engaging in national level dialogues and advocacy on early childhood and elementary education; and by networking with scholars, policy-makers and other professionals working in allied areas.