Overview of Projects

Extension activities denote the social responsibility of teaching institutes towards the problems and the emerging needs of society and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has initiated and promoted several kinds of extension activities since its inception in 1936. The Institute has played a major role in piloting or pioneering new services and in initiating time-bound social work programmes within well-established organisations/systems, or outside them, with the objective of demonstrating to the public, the need for such services. Medical social work in hospitals, social work in schools, the child guidance clinic, and social work in family courts, to name a few, were started as demonstration projects of the TISS. Termed as Field Action Projects (FAPs) in TISS, they have always played an integral role in the curriculum of social work education.


These projects evolved out of a need to:

  • demonstrate new interventions;
  • respond to new needs and changing social realities;
  • provide field experience and training to students and faculty members;
  • evolve new strategies for intervention; and
  • develop indigenous data base literature for training.