Rahbar has made small but significant strides since its beginnings in late 2019.

In 2019, Rahbar was invited by an organization to facilitate a workshop on supervision for their program coordinators which further led to the development of a supervision handbook for the organization with support from the Rahbar team.

Since April 2020, Rahbar has launched an ongoing initiative to support mental health professionals in response to the special challenges of the Covid-19. Through this initiative Rahbar set out to support professionals and organizations who are catering to the mental health needs of the population that have emerged in the wake of the pandemic and lockdown.

  • Rahbar has achieved this through offering individual and group supervision sessions for professionals in India and outside. 
  • Rahbar has supported organizations by creating supervisory spaces and conducting a variety of training and professional development group sessions through the online medium. 
  • Rahbar has organized reflective conversations for therapists to discuss psychotherapy and counselling practice at the time of the pandemic. 
  • Within the short span of its inception Rahbar has successfully reached out to 12 organizations and conducted more than 50 training sessions for over 300+ professionals across India and outside (Nepal, Australia, Indonesia) and co-created collaborative and supportive supervisory spaces.

Rahbar- NDMA Collaboration

In May 2020 Rahbar collaborated with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to support volunteer counsellors leading NDMA’s psychosocial helpline for persons diagnosed with Covid-19. Between June to December 2020 the Rahbar team provided training and supervision sessions to NDMA’s counsellors. These sessions were aimed at building knowledge, skills and reflective abilities of counsellors in carrying out psychosocial first aid and telephonic support to those affected by the pandemic. NDMA and Rahbar went on to collaborate to complete the research titled ‘Psychosocial Support for Individuals Diagnosed with Covid-19: Experiences of Volunteer Counsellors from India’.Based on the work done during the pandemic, Rahbar further collaborated with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to develop ‘Psychosocial Support during the COVID-19 pandemic: A training manual for counsellors’.


Rahbar is now supporting organizations for continued professional development through training and supervision sessions for mental health practitioners.