Sukoon has established stress management and counselling centres to litigants of matrimonial disputes in the family courts of Bandra (Mumbai) and Thane with the aim of providing psycho-social services which will promote well-being of individuals, couples and families. Sukoon is also operational in District and Sessions court, Kalyan. In these courts, Sukoon deals with cases of divorce, child custody and access, maintenance and domestic violence. Sukoon is also involved in pre-litigation counselling at the Honourable High Court, Mumbai. Sukoon provides support through counselling to litigants, conducting workshops, and group sessions with litigants, judges, marriage counsellors, advocates and staff. The project is also actively involved in primary research across family courts in Maharashtra. The other aim of Sukoon is research. The research study aims to understand the marital concerns of couples and families approaching the family courts and also explores the counselling practices in family courts. The research aims to draw out effective elements of the counselling process which will be used to build a replicable model of effective counselling practices for litigants approaching family courts.