The Indian Journal of Social Work

An Overview:

The Indian Journal of Social Work (IJSW) is the flagship publication of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Published every January, April, July and October, the IJSW is currently in its 81st year of uninterrupted publishing, a record in journal publishing.

The main objectives of the IJSW are to:

  • cater to the need for literature on social work, and
  • be a medium of dissemination of indigenous work being carried out in India.

The first issue of the IJSW was published in June 1940. This issue was on Child Welfare and covered two aspects of the topic at that time ― Children in Industry and Juvenile Delinquency.

Over the years, the IJSW has kept pace with changing perspectives and developments in the field. The IJSW has brought out over 60 Special/Focus issues since 1940. Of these, only 12 are available for sale. Download Special Issue Catelogue

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Goals and Scopes


The Indian Journal of Social Work (IJSW) was started by the TISS (then known as the Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work) with the following goals in mind:

  1. To serve as a medium of expression for the Students, Alumni and Faculty of The Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work.
  2. To encourage original research on the part of Indian Social Workers.
  3. To report significant advances in the social field, both in India and abroad.
  4. To serve as a bond of unity for social workers scattered throughout the various parts of India.
  5. To assist in raising the standards of professional social work in India.


The focus of the IJSW, over the years, has shifted from ''social work literature'' to ''literature for social work''. While ''social work literature'' is literature specific to social work profession, ''literature for social work'' means literature needed for different social work functions. These functions are broadly conceptualised as practice, administration, research, education and training. The users are, thus, practitioners, administrators, researchers, educators/trainers and students. And therefore, ''literature for social work'' has to go beyond ''social work literature''.

The IJSW focuses on multidisciplinary knowledge development relevant to the changing perspectives of the social work profession.

The IJSW invites submission of articles:

  • related to the issues of marginalised groups such as children, youth, the elderly, women, Dalits, indigenous peoples (tribal), labour, the disabled, and so on.
  • which address interventions that impede, as also those that facilitate people-centeredness in social systems and processes at the local, community, national and international levels.
  • on issues related to livelihood, health, housing, education, criminality, disasters, and so on. 

The IJSW, therefore, invites the following types of contributions:

  • Theoretical/historical/empirical/methodological/epistemological analyses
  • Reviews of policies/programmes/legislations/voluntary organisations/ professional interventions
  • Curriculum development/Teaching aids
  • Research summaries
  • News from professional associations in social work
  • Book reviews, Book essay reviews and media reviews
  • Discussions and Notes from the field
  • Interviews

IJSW Guidelines

Communication with reference to submission of articles should be addressed to the Associate Editor, the IJSW. The Associate Editor will correspond with the main author.

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The IJSW Editorial and Advisory Board


Chairperson and Editor

Shalini Bharat


A.S. Desai



Nandini Rao


Associate Editor

Surinder Jaswal

Purnima Mane



Chandan Mukherjee



Bino Paul G.D.

Sohini Sengupta

Sunil D. Santha

Manish K. Jha


G. Palanithurai


Joske Bunders


Gautam N. Yadama


Bill Pritchard



External Experts

Bong Joo Lee

Amar Jesani


Robert Chaskins



Vijender Singh (Senior D.T.P. Operator, Publications Unit)

Neena Barnes (Project Officer, IJSW)

Melody Kshetrimayum (Online Manager)

Gauri Galande (Office Assistant, Publications Unit)

Abstracting and Indexing

Articles from The Indian Journal of Social Work are abstracted and indexed in the following

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Social Science Citation Index Institute for Scientific Information, USA

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Institute for Scientific Information, USA
Sociological Abstracts Sociological Abstracts, Inc. and International Sociological Association, USA

Social Planning/Policy and Development Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts, Inc. and International Sociological Association, USA
Indian Psychological Abstracts and Reviews Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar
Microfiche Prints United States Library of Congress
Microforms University Microfilms International, USA
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, USA
SAARC Social Sciences Database Nexus Information Services Corporation, Hyderabad
South Asian Economic Abstracts Information Research Academy, Kolkata
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences London School of Economics, London
J-Gate Informatics (India) Limited, Bengaluru

Subscription Rates

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES* with effect from January 1, 2018

Countries Individual Institutional
India Rs. 750/- Rs. 1750/-
South Asia, South East Asia, The Middle East,
Africa and South America
US$ 60/- US$ 120/-
North America, Europe and Australia US$ 100/- US$ 150/-

Payment can be made via one of the following options 

  • Banker's Draft in favour of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, V. N. Purav Marg, Deonar, Mumbai - 400 088 .
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