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Health Centre:

The Institute offers Medical and Counselling Services for Students and Staff through the Health Centre located in both the Main Campus and the Naoroji Campus of Mumbai. Doctors and Counsellors are on campus during the day, some of whom work full-time, while some others are on a part-time basis.

Necessary oral medicines, dressing material, emergency injectables, IV fluids and vaccines are available at the Health Centres in both the Mumbai campuses. The Medical Centre in the Main Campus has an arrangement to keep students requiring medical attention for post-operative care or suffering from infectious diseases, for general observation when requiring hospital admission.

Know the medical Officer:

Dr Sharmishtha
Dr Minal
Dr Apoorva
Dr Vineeta
Health Insurance:

Health Insurance is a group insurance facility offered to all students enrolled in the Institute on payment of the required premium contribution. With this scheme, all the students are covered under cashless hospitalisation for Rs.1 Lakh, Personal Accident cover of Rs.1 Lakh and OPD cover of Rs. 5,000/- per year. The coverage provides benefit to the students when they get hospitalised owing to an accident or any other illness.

In order to avail of the cashless facility, the students must ensure that they are admitted to one of the network hospitals of the service provider. In case the student gets admitted to any other hospital, he/she/they are expected to pay the bill amount and seek reimbursement of expenses by forwarding the claim to the OSA within 20 days of discharge, as per the procedures set for the same in the policy document. The updated list of network hospitals, can be accessed on the website of the service provider.

Guidelines and Procedures

All students, including those eligible for GoI-Post-Matric Scholarships are required to pay the Health Insurance Premium contribution every year i.e. along with 1st and 3rd semester fee.

  1. The insurance premium of those students who have paid the fees will be forwarded to the service provider as soon as the challan is received. Generally, it takes 15–20 days to receive the cards from the company; if a student is hospitalised during this period, he/she has to bear the expenses and the bills can be sent for reimbursement later.
  2. In such cases, students should inform the OSA within 24 hours of their hospitalisation and should submit the reimbursement claim within 20 days of hospitalisation.
  3. All claims to be submitted properly with necessary documents and any delay in submission will result in rejection of the claim.
  4. As soon as the Health Insurance Cards are received by the OSA, they will be sent to the respective School Secretariats. Students are requested to collect their Health Insurance Cards from the respective secretariats as soon as it is intimated to them under acknowledgement.

For additional details, contact: osa@tiss.edu or santoshp@tiss.edu or call on 2552 5916 from 10.30 a.m to 5.45 p.m

Counselling centre

The Counselling services at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, began in mid-90's and are a part of Student Support Services. Seeing the scope and significance, Counsellors have been recruited across campuses.

The Counselling Centres have been providing services like individual counselling and developmental group activities for the TISS student community. The working hours of the Centre are adapted to the student’s needs. There are accomplished counsellors with diverse expertise, who help the students in their day-to-day concerns and also with the mental health concerns faced by students. Workshops on topics relevant to increasing the resilience of the students are conducted regularly by the Counsellors. For more details


M.K. Tata Gymkhana:

At TISS we emphasise nurturing physical and emotional well-being of the students. Our Campus includes a gymkhana where students can practice yoga, play indoor games and maintain fitness. The gymkhana has Carom and Chess facilities, also a Tennis court, fully equipped gym, table tennis units and a yoga room. It is open from Monday to Saturday and the Instructor is available from 6.00 to 9.00 in the morning and 5.00 to 8.00 in the evening.

In addition to the Gymkhana, we also have space for outdoor games-a basket ball ground and a volley ball court. The campus also has a good space to walk and jog.

Gym1 Image
Gym2 Image

Under financial support the OSA facilitates the following

  1. TISS Student Aid:
    1. Understand Student Aid
      1. TISS strives to provide access to socially relevant quality higher education to all students. Given that only academic merit counts to secure entry to programs of study at the Institute, students from families with diverse economic backgrounds gain admission.
      2. TISS has limited funds to provide aid to needy students coming from marginalised locations. This aid is from the sources set aside by some retired faculty, alumni and grants set aside annually for aid purpose.
      3. Student aid covers only the payable component of fees to the Institute.
      4. Student aid do not cover full fees, it only provides part support.
  1. Meritorious Scholarships: Institute collaborated with diverse stakeholders, who are keen to support students pursuing higher education. This funding is from external stakeholders and thus the amount and the selection of students is solely dependent on the provision and guidelines laid by the providers.). The Key funders/donors in the past few years
    1. Taksheel Foundation
    2. MVBS Scholarship
    3. Tata Scholarship
    4. Cognizant foundation Scholarship for students from across campuses-pursuing Social Work, Rural Development and Development Studies.
    5. Framji Cowasjee Institute (FCI)
  1. Scholarship for students with disability:
    1. The Help the Blind Foundation supports visually challenged students
  1. School level grants: These are grants raised and offered by respective Schools
    1. School of Media and Cultural Studies aid
    2. Scholarship for ODCL program
  1. Aid for Muslim Minorities: The two organisations have been supporting our students over the past few years.
    1. Fazlani Aishabai Trust
    2. Allana Foundation grant

The placement scenario at all our campuses (Mumbai, Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati) has always been extremely positive. Student representatives take the lead and work with faculty coordinators of respective Schools. The flagship programs from SSW, SMLS and SHSS have networked with alumni and several stakeholders to ensure placements of students.

Few students also start their own enterprise/field action project and have contributed to the sector tremendously.

In addition to the School level placements and faculty coordinators, we have Training and Placement Officer in Mumbai Campus, who organises series of training session to enhance employability skills of the outgoing batch students.

Brochures from school/campus:

TISS GHY_Placement Brochure 2020 [View Brochure]

TISS - Tuljapur Placement Brochure 2020-22 [ View Brochure ]

HRM & LR (Human Resources Management & Labor Relations) Placement report 2021-23 [ Download Brochure ]




The living arrangement on the two campuses consists of six hostels, four of which are on the Main Campus and two on the Naoroji Campus.


  1. All the hostels have 24 hours internet connectivity, water purifier cum coolers
  2. All the hostel rooms have a cot, a study table with chair, book rack, cupboard for each student.
  3. The hostels also have an intercom facility which is linked to the Institute telephone board.
  4. There is one ATM in the premises of the main campus to withdraw money.
  5. There is one common launderette facility and a recreation room with table tennis table both in the new campus and Main campus.

The Capacity

Hostel I – capacity to accommodate 80 girls. It has 6 multi seater rooms which have 6 students each in a room totalling to 36 on the ground floor and 22 double seater rooms on the first floor totalling to 44 students.

Hostel II – capacity to accommodate 60 male students. It has 10 rooms each on the ground and the first floor with three occupants in each room.

Hostel III – capacity to accommodate 75 boys. It has 4 multi seater rooms which have 6 boys each in a room totalling to 24 on the ground floor and 2 rooms with 2 boys each in a room and one room with attached washroom for 3 boys reserved for the physically challenged boys. On the first floor we have 22 double seater rooms to accommodate 44 boys.

Hostel IV – capacity to accommodate 120 students. It has 3 floors, 10 double seater rooms on each floor are for MA girls and 2 floors are for M.Phil/Ph.D. female scholars.

Gender Neutral Hostel: The ground floor is reserved for the Gender Neutral hostel accommodating 20 GN students.

Hostel V – capacity to accommodate 427 students with 188 seats for girls and 239 seats for boys. Two wings are for girls with 1st and 2nd floor of four rooms with four MA girls in each wing and from 3rd to 6th floors of three rooms each in a wing reserved for M.Phil/Ph.D. female scholars and last 7th floor with 3 rooms each in a wing fully furnished for International female students.

Two wings are for boys from ground to 2nd floor of four rooms with four MA boys in each wing and from 3rd to 6th floor of four rooms each in a wing reserved for M.Phil/Ph.D. male scholars and last 7th floor with 5 rooms each in a wing fully furnished for International male students.

Hostel VI – capacity to accommodate 192 female students. It is three storeyed, 4 wings of four rooms on a floor of a wing i.e. 48 rooms accommodating four girls in a room.

Rooms for PWD: There are two double seater rooms reserved for the physically challenged students on the ground floor.

Two flats fully furnished reserved for International Students with a capacity to accommodate 8 students who come to the Institute for short duration course is also on the ground floor from which one flat can accommodate 4 girls and the other flat can accommodate 4 boys.

Hostel Office

Demo Image

Mrs Nirmala Momin

Section Officer, Mumbai campus

Hostel Warden, Hostels


M.Com. (Shivaji),
Diploma in Front Office & Accommodation Management (Madurai Kamaraj University),
M.A. in Labour Management (Madurai Kamaraj University)

Demo Image

Ms Prachi Sarmalkar

Lower Division Clerk, Mumbai campus



B.A. (YCMOU, Nashik)

Demo Image

Mr A. R. Raut

Assistant, Mumbai campus



B.Com. (Mumbai)

Dining Hall:

The student dining hall mess is functioning on both the campuses throughout the year which is managed by the Institute and administered by an elected Student Dining Hall Committee, headed by a faculty member and with charges payable on dividing system. Kindly make note that the Dining Hall fees, that you pay at the time of admission is only an advance.

DH Office

Demo Image

Dr Sarala Rao

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus
Chairperson - Dining Hall


M.B.A., M.Phil. (Andhra), Ph.D.

Demo Image

Ms Minal Sawant

Nutritionist , Mumbai campus
Dining Hall


B.Sc. (Mumbai University),
PG Diiploma in Dietitics & Hospital Food Service (National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, New Delhi),
Master of Science ( Dietetics and Food Service Management)

Demo Image

Litesh Ghonge

Assistant DH Supervisor , Mumbai campus
Dining Hall


Post Graduation Diploma in Hospitality Management, MIT School of Distance Education, Pune
Post Graduate Diploma in General Management, MIT School of Distance Education, Pune
Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management and Catering Operation (YCMU)

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