Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI
Women and Gender Development Cell (WGDC)

The Internal Committee in TISS is empowered to address issues of gender discrimination and also work with the Higher Authorities to ensure a gender sensitive TISS community. In cases where women feel that there is sexual harassment and they need support and redress the first point of contact for the same can be the student representatives (details given in the website), or any of the IC members within the requisite campus. The procedure followed by the aggrieved women can be as follows:

  1. Need to discuss and share:
    Meet the student representative or IC faculty member or IC staff member and gather information to decide on the course of action.
  2. Need information only:
    Visit the website of IC, gather information and if you need additional information, write to any of the IC members.
  3. Need to file a complaint:
    Go to the IC website and download the complaint form, fill the same and hand over to the member-secretary or the convenor of the IC in the requisite campus. The IC (Internal Committee) will be set up with an external expert and GAC members and the complaint process will be initiated. Both parties will be informed about the complaint and the process on the email and on phone
  4. Once a complaint is made the IC will keep it confidential and it is imperative that both the complainant and respondent keep this confidentiality as well.

IC will deal with cases within the premises of the Institute as well as with all those organisations, which may fall within the purview of having certain written terms of reference with the Institute. All students, employees (permanent, contractual, daily wage employees, volunteers, interns), faculty and residents are included within this. It is not empowered to address cases in public spaces like the street, cinema, malls etc. In such cases you need to go to the nearest Police Station and file a complaint, IC members may facilitate the process with the complainant if they want to do so.

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