Making Development Happen- Transformational Change in Rural India

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Making Development Happen- Transformational Change in Rural India.

In 2012, the Ministry of Rural Development launched the Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellowship (PMRDF). In this path-breaking initiative, young graduates from a variety of educational backgrounds were sent to some of India’s most backward and conflict-affected districts in a two-pronged approach: harness the energy of the youth by connecting them to hands-on, grassroots public service; and provide professional support at the ‘last mile’ of service delivery.

The two Volumes bring together individual journeys of the PMRD Fellows about their efforts to bring about social welfare with cooperation from local administration and case studies of the initiatives undertaken by the PMRDFs in a wide range of districts, from central India, Jammu and Kashmir, and the Northeast, all areas that are affected by conflict and what is termed Left-wing Extremism. 

The role of the PMRDF as a catalyst in accelerating development and ensuring sustainable livelihoods in conflict-affected districts has important implications for development policy advocacy not only in India, but also across the developing world.