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Dr Bal Nagorao Rakshase

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Health, Policy, Planning and Management, School of Health Systems Studies

Graduation in English, Sociology, Psychology (Milind College of Arts, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad),
Post Graduation in Psychology (Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad),
Ph.D. (University of Pune)

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Menatal Health, HIV/AIDS, Tribal Health Issues, Sexual and Reproductive Health,

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*Occupational Stress, Coping Resources and Personal Strain in Police Officers. Sponsored by BCUD University of Pune.
*A Study of Respiratory Illness among the Workers in Advanced and Clamp Types of Bricks Kilns in Maharashtra. Sponsored by TISS.
*Randomized Trial of mobile internet based directly observed treatment (miDOT) for Tuberculosis. Funded by Welcome Trust
*Health issues of adolescent girls (AGs) in Ashram Schools. Funded by TRI Maharashtra

* Identifying Changing Trends in Sex Work Dynamics among Female Sex Workers in India: Funded by USAID
* Empowering Tribal Communities to improve nutrition related services and practices in selected tribal blocks of Maharashtra. Funded by TRTI

*Empowering Tribal Communities to improve nutrition related services and practices in selected tribal blocks of Maharashtra. Funded by TRTI

* Health Education and Communication

* Community Engagement for Health

* Social and Behavioural Influences on Health

* Organisational Behaviour

Email: bal.rakshase[at]tiss[dot]edu