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Ms Bindu Ramdas Thirumalai

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

M.C.A. (Banglore University),
M.A. Education (Elementary) (TISS),
M.Phil. in Education (TISS)

Bindu Thirumalai is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR), TISS, Mumbai. She is currently the coordinator of the postgraduate certificate programme ‘Reflective Teaching with ICT’ (RTICT) offered in a blended model for teacher’s professional development. She has MPhil and MA degrees in Education from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and a Masters degree in computer applications from Bangalore University. She is currently pursuing her PhD from TISS in the area of “Teachers’ Communities of Practice”.

Bindu has over six years of field experience facilitating in-service teacher programmes operating at scale in government high school contexts. She has recently designed and developed MOOC based courses on ICT and Education, mentoring for TPD and Action Research as a part of the RTICT programme. She teachers Teacher Education, Action Research for the Masters programme as well as a post-graduate certificate programme for teacher educators at TISS. Bindu’s areas of interest are teacher education, ICT and Education and higher education pedagogy.

My research interests are primarily around teacher education and specifically focus on higher education, pedagogy, ICT & Education for professional development as well as student learning. I am interested in research that combines my field experience with academic research. My research experience and fieldwork over the last three years have been focussed on in-service teacher professional development, particularly on building models and frameworks and developing related theories-of-action.  

 My Phd(current) through, action and design-based research methodology is a study of online teacher's communities of practice in the Indian context. 





Thirumalai,B.R.(2020). [Review of the Book  Ordinary people, extraordinary teachers. The heroes of real India by S. Giridhar]. Contemporary Education Dialogue, 17(2) 251–255.


Book Chapters: 

Thirumalai, B, Ramanathan, A, Charania, A, Stump, G (accepted, expected to publish 2019).  Designing for Technology Enabled Reflective Practice: Teachers’ Voices on Participating in a Connected Learning Practice. In Teaching and Teacher Education. South Asian Perspective. Setty, R., Iyengar, R., Witenstein, M., Byker, E.J., Kidwai, H. (Eds.), Palgrave Macmillan. https://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9783030268787.   

Contributor – “Teacher Resource Centres in India: A Sourcebook” edited by Padma M. Sarangapani, Disha Nawani, Latha K. and Jyoti Bang, 2017, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Menon, S., Thirumalai, B. (2016). Curricular Materials in Early Language and Literacy Classrooms in Karnataka and Maharashtra. In Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education. Nawani, D. (ed.), Sage Publications.



2019 LeaP ITE Symposium. Thirumalai, B Panellist - Role of Teacher Professional Development within the context of fostering the approach of ‘Learners as producers’

2019 National Conference on Leadership Pathways for School Improvement NIEPA, New Delhi.  – Thirumalai, B & Balli, O. Peer Leadership and Mentoring Course for Teachers Continuous Professional Development.

2018 Connected Learning at Scale - An International Symposium, TISS, Mumbai. – Thirumalai, B. Teacher Communities of Practice.

2018, CESI, Vadodara, India. Thirumalai, B & Sarangapani, P.M.  Building Teacher Professional Communities in India: an examination of the APPEP experience of Teacher Centres.

2016 CESI, Tirupati, India. Thirumalai, B &  Kumar, R. ICT enabled blended micro-course for Secondary School Mathematics Teachers: A large scale design experiment

2014 CESI, New Delhi, India. Thirumalai, B. Social Justice, School Mathematics and Knowledge in the Indian National Curriculum Framework [NCF 2005]: A Conceptual and Empirical Investigation.



Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) see https://clix.tiss.edu 

DIET Strengthening Programme with DSERT Karnataka



- Action Research 


MA Education | B-Ed MEd 

 - Teacher Education 


Postgraduate Certificate in Reflective Teaching with ICT

- ICT and Education

- Mentoring for Teacher Professional Development


Postgraduate Certificate in Contemporary education research and perspectives

- Pedagogy of Mathematics   



Email: bindu.thirumalai[at]tiss[dot]edu