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Mr Biswaranjan Tripura

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Social Justice and Governance , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus


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Tribal Development and Empowerment, Indigenous politics, Agency, Ethnic relations, Space and Negotiation, International social work and Indigenous Peoples, Tribal Education and Autonomy Movement.


Tripura, Biswaranjan (2014): Educational Experiences of Indigenous Peoples, New Delhi-Mittal Publication (Single Author).


Tripura,Biswaranjan(2013). "International Social Work-An Indian Experience" in Indian Journal of Dalit and Tribal Social Work Vol.1, Issue 3 No.1 pp.1 to 24, October (ISSN 2320-2130).

Tripura, Biswaranjan (2013): “Tribal Question in Tripura: Dialogue between its Past and Present”, in Journal of Tribal Intellectual Collective India, Vol.1, Issue 2, No.3 pp. 41 to 65, December (ISSN 2321-5437).

Tripura, Biswaranjan (2012): Educational Experiences of Indigenous People with Special Reference to Tripura, North- East India, Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Volume 2 (6), 217-227, June (ISSN:2249-7315).


Tripura,Biswaranjan (2015):Indigenous peoples question in Tripura: Dialogue between its past and present. In Alex Akhup 'Identities and their Struggles in North-East’. Kolkata-Adivaani Publishers, pp.151-179.

Tripura, Biswaranjan (2015): “Tribe Centric Education and Pedagogy-From the Lived Experiences of Tribes within a multicultural society” in Vulli Dhanaraju “Debating Tribal Identity: Past and Present”, pp.309-321, Dominant Publishers, New Delhi.

The Uttarakhand Disaster-Impact Assessment Report”, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, August, 2013, (Contribution in a Report)

Book Review

Book Review (2015): Structure, Consciousness and Social Transformation-The Adivasis in Thane District, Maharashtra, by Denzil Saldanha, 2015, New Delhi: Aakar Books, pp 593, Price: 1695/- in Indian Journal of Social Work. Vol.76 (3),481-484, July,2015

Governance and Development in Tribal Areas of North-East India-A Comparative study between Manipur and Tripura, Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi (co-director), 2016 to 2018

Social Audit Assessment Team as part of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MGNREGA), Sponsored by Ministry of Rural Development, India.

Situating violence against women within gender system-A study among tribes of North East India(Assam,Arunachal Pradesh,Manipur and Meghalaya),Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi,2013-2016, (Co-Director), with Prof.Sonowal as Director

Uttarakhand Disaster Impact Assessment, 2013

Tribe, State and Governance

International Social Work and Indigenous Peoples

Adivasi and Dalit Movement: Theory and Practices

Social Welfare Administration

Rural, Rurality, Caste and Tribe (Theory and Field work Practicum)

Social Entrepreneurship Among Dalits and Tribes

Email: biswaranjan.tripura[at]tiss[dot]edu