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Dr bodhi s.r.

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Social Justice and Governance , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus


National Convener : Tribal Intellectual Collective India (TICI) www.ticijournals.org


Board Member- North East Research and Social Work Networking (https://www.nerswn.org/ NERSWN, Kokrajhar) https://nerswn.org/

Board Member- Entrepreneurship Development and Resource Support Network (http://edrest.org/ EDREST, Navi Mumbai) http://edrest.org/

Decoloniality and Decolonial Social Work

Indigenous Tribal Peoples: Perspectives from Within

Critical International Social Work and Diversity-Dialogue Practice

Navayana Buddhist Social Work





Published Books

  1. Land, Words and Resilient Cultures: The Ontological Basis of Tribal Identity (Edited) bodhi s.r and railer.ziipao, (Tribal Intellectual Collective India: Maharashtra, 2019)
  2. Social Work - Lectures on Curriculum and Pedagogy, (The New Vehicle: Maharashtra, 2019)
  3. The Problematics of Tribal Integration - Voices from India's Alternative Centers (Edited), bodhi s.r and Bipin Jojo, (The Shared Mirror: Hyderabad, 2019)
  4. Social Work in India (Edited), (adivaani: kolkata, 2016)


  1. "Locating Migrant Workers in the History of Leh Ladakh: Reflections from a Tribal Episteme" in Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies. XISS. Issue 40: Migration and Social Development. Vol. 10, No. 3, July - September, 2012
  2. "Critical Reflections on Approaches to Methods in Indian Social Work Education" in Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies.XISS. Issue 37: Social Work: Concerns and Issues. Vol. 9, No. 4, October-December, 2011 

Chapters in Book

  1. "Khasi Political Reality and the Struggle for Statehood: History, Context and Political Processes" in Handbook of Tribal Politics in India (Eds) Jagannath Ambagudia and Virginus Xaxa. January 2021. Sage India Publishing.

Other Writings

  1. Prefatory Introduction to the Book "Thinking the Navayana Way" by Mangesh Dahiwale (2019) published by The New Vehicle
  2. “Professional Social Work Education In India: A Critical View from the Periphery” in Indian Journal of Social Work. TISS. VOL 72, NO 2 (2011)
  3. “Rural, Rurality, Caste and Tribes: The Dalit and Tribe Centered Social Work Rural Practicum” in Indian Journal of Social Work. TISS. VOL 72, NO 1 ( 2011)

Upcoming Books

  1. 'A Part Apart' by Shaileskumar Darokar, bodhi s.r and Sudharrak Olwe
  2. The Federation of Khasi States : History, Epistemology and Politics by John F Kharshiing and bodhi s.r (Tribal Intellectual Collective India)
  3. Navayana Buddhism : History, Context and Theory by Shaileskumar Darokar, Subodh M and bodhi s.r (The Shared Mirror, Hyderabad)
  4. Tribal Political Theory: Insights from Khasi History (New Vehicle Publications, Nagpur)

The Navayana Education Project 

The Tribal Knowledge Project


1. Dalit and Tribal Social Work

2. Advanced Dalit and Tribal Social Work Practice Skills

3. Tribal and Dalit Movements: Theory and Practice

4. International Social Work and Indigenous People 


1.Caste Movements in India

Email: bodhi[at]tiss[dot]edu

Phone: 022 2552 5415