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Prof Disha Nawani

Professor , Mumbai campus

Dean - School of Education

M.Phil. (JNU),
Ph.D. (JNU)

Member, Think Tank- Teacher Education, Directorate of Teacher Education and SCERT, Odisha, 2018-19.

Expert for thematic consultation on Re-vamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers of Dept of School Education and Literacy, MHRD, New Delhi, Nov 2015.

Member, IQAC, St. Xaviers Institute of Education, 2015-17.

Member, Joint Review Mission, appointed by MHRD, to examine Teacher Education Institutions in Delhi, 2016.

Member,  Committee appointed by National Council of Teacher Education, MHRD to implement three of the recommendations made by Justice Verma Commission on re-vitalizing Teacher Education in India, 2013-14.

Member, Joint Review Mission, appointed by MHRD, to examine Teacher Education Institutions in Andhra Pradesh, 2014.

Member, Joint Review Mission, appointed by MHRD, to examine Teacher Education Institutions in Tripura, 2013.

Expert Advisor on a seven state comparative study on Activity Based Learning funded by UNICEF and conducted by Education Initiatives, Bengaluru (April 2012-15).

Member, core team on a Study of the Implementation of CCE in seven states in India, UNICEF, August 2014-15.

Member, Experts for thematic consultation on New Education Policy on “Revamping Teacher Education for quality teachers”, National Level Conference, Department of school education and Literacy, MHRD, Nov 2015

Member, Executive Committee, Comparative Education Society of India (2013-17)

Member, National Resource Group for Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (2015-17), MHRD

Review Editor, Contemporary Education Dialogues, New Delhi: SAGE Publications.


Co-coordinated a 3-year Action Research Project on,  "Research, Policy, Advocacy and Evaluation: Teacher Development and Resource Centres in Karnataka", supported by NRTT , Aug 2010-July 13.


Led a Research study on, "Evaluation of Educational Incentives for Minority Communities in Maharashtra", funded by State Minority Commission, Maharashtra, Jan 2012- June 2013.



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