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Prof Shankar Das

Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Health, Policy, Planning and Management , School of Health Systems Studies

M.A. (TISS), M.Sc. (LSE, UK), M.Phil. (NIMHANS), Ph.D. (Mumbai), Post Doctorate (Fogarty - NIH Fellow, University of Florida, USA), Dip. Y.E., Dip. Y.T. (Mumbai)

Prof. Shankar Das has over two decades of experience as a teacher, trainer, researcher and human resources development practitioner in the field of health and development. His professional skills mainly include public heath, health promotion, primary health care, and professional education; he has extensive experience working at senior level with and within the Government, Public Sector, academia and organisations at local, state, national and international levels. He enjoys working in challenging social, political and physical environments and has the ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team.  Prof. Das had the opportunity to work in some of the low and high income countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Norway, Finland, Japan, UK and USA. Since 2008, he has been working as a Professor at the Centre for Health Policy, Planning and Management (CHPPM) in the School of Health System Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India. During the initial and formative years (2007 to 2014) of the CHPPM, he had provided the academic leadership and nurtured the centre as the Chairperson. He has initiated and developed collaboration with universities in UK, USA and Canada wherein he had designed and delivered several academic programmes including the Study India Programme (SIP) in Social Care Policy and Programme.

He was actively involved in developing the curriculum for several Post-Graduate and doctoral level professional programmes. He teaches various courses such as Global Public Health, Mental Health, Health and Social Care Policy, Leadership and Strategic Management in Health Care, Public Health Research, Community Health, Holistic Health Counselling, Complimentary and Alternative Health Practices etc. for the Masters and M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes.

He was invited by World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health, Union of Myanmar as a Consultant to advice on national capacity building and technical expertise for improving behavioural component of Health care delivery systems in Myanmar. As part of Human Resource Development initiatives Unilever Bangladesh invited him to design and deliver series of capacity building programmes for various health care professionals in therapeutic and health management. In the year 2009-2010, he was awarded the TISS-LSE Faculty Fellowship to pursue higher studies at the London School of Economics (LSE), UK and to develop Master in Public Health in Health Policy, Economics and Finance at the TISS, India. He was selected as a Research Associate in the PSSU, at the London School of Economics, where he researched Ethnic Minority Patients' Access to Mental Health Services in the United Kingdom. In the year 2011-2012, he was a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) and worked on Mental Health, Long Term Care Policies in UK and India. He was invited as a Visiting Professor at the College of Medicine and College of Education and Social Care, University of Vermont, USA and to teach a summer course on Integrated and Holistic Health Practice for PG students. In the year 2014, he had completed the Post Doctoral research training in chronic non-communicable disorders and diseases across the life span under the Fogarty Post Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Public Health, University of Florida, USA. 

He has widely published his work in reputed peer reviewed journals and written chapters, books on diverse areas such as public health, mental health, sustainable development, wellbeing and prosperity. The focus of his work is evidence-informed policy and practice across the spectrum of public health issues and strategies.



Positions and Career Highlights

  • Member, International Advisory Board, International Multidisciplinary Research, European Academic Research, ISSN 2286-4822  ISSN-L 2286-4822, Buzau 120082, Romania, European Union.
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Amity Journal of Healthcare Management (AJHM), An International, Biannual, Refereed Journal of Healthcare Management, AU, India.
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, The Journal of Health Policy and Programmes in India (JHPP), New Delhi, India.
  • Editor, Mental Health & Human Resilience International Journal (MHRIJ). MedWin Publishers . Indexed in Academic Research Index: ResearchBIb and Advanced Science Index. 2609 Crooks Rd #229 Troy, MI 48084.

  • Member, Advisory Committee, Indian Journal of Social Science Research and Development (IJSSRD), India.Social Scientist, Ethics Committee, Clinical Research Institute, Fortis Hospitals Ltd., Mumbai, India.

  • Member, Southern HIV & Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC), Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health and Health professions & College of Medicine, University of Florida, USA.
  • Member, Training Technical Support Unit (TTSU), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi. 
  • Member, Expert Committee, Research Projects on Alternatives in Health Care, ICSSR-ICMR, Government of India, New Delhi.   
  • Managing Editor, Journal of Social Welfare and Management (JSWM), ISSN:0975-0231, Delhi.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Psychiatry and Mental Health (PMH), Delhi.
  • Technical Advisory Committee Member, EKAM Foundation: Healthy Child Healthy Community, India. http://www.ekamoneness.org/about/integrity/technical-committee/

  • Award for Research Excellence, the Indus Foundation, Indo-Global Education Summit 2017, New Delhi.

  • Award for National Fellowship for Global Health Studies; Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, Government of India, 2017-218. Visiting Scholar to the School of Public Health and Information Sciences, University of Louisville, USA.

Global Health, Health Care Access and Utilization; Mental Health, Behavioral and Life Style Related Disorders; Health and Social Care Policy and Programs

Public Health Workforce Analysis and Development; Health Systems Research; Participatory Needs Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation of Services; 

Capacity Building, Soft Skill Training and Training Technology; Curriculum Development in Public Health and Health Management in Developing Countries 

Complementary and Alternative Health Approaches. Holistic Health Counselling, Spirituality, Health and Yoga.


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Since 1989 he has been teaching several courses such as Global Health Care Delivery, Foundation of Social Care Policies, Public Mental Health, Current Issues in Health Policy, Community Health, Holistic Health Counselling, Organizational Behavior, Social Case Work, Therapeutic Work with Individual, Groups, and Families, Social Service in Hospitals, Advanced Psychiatric Seminar, Human resource management, Social research, Sexuality, Reproductive health, Yoga, Training technology etc. mainly at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and as a visiting faculty to various universities, Govt. agencies, and Non Governmental Organizations in India and abroad.

Email: dshankar[at]tiss[dot]edu

Shankar Das, Ph.D.

Professor and Former Chair

Centre for Health Policy, Planning & Management

School of Health Systems Studies,

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

(A Deemed University)

Mumbai - 400 088, India

Contact No. 91-22-25525532 (Office) Mobile: 00-91-9320101874, 00-91-7718015447

Email: dshankar@tiss.edu,  shankardass07@gmail.com