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Dr Gomathi Jatin

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

B.Ed. M.Ed. Ph.D. (Education), SLET (Education),
Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Education,
MA English,
B.Sc. Physics

Dr. Gomathi Jatin is Associate Professor with the Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.  With a Ph.D.in Education from the University of Mumbai, she has taught across courses in teacher education institutions and also nurtures keen interest in school and classroom practices. Her areas of interest include teacher education, school education, classroom pedagogy and practices, adolescent psychology, educational leadership and management and research.  She has conducted workshops related to classroom management, blended learning, cooperative learning and mentoring for action researches. She has also conducted communicative English sessions for vernacular medium student teachers to facilitate their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Her recent work includes research on school management committees across the states in India. She has also been a part of the team of the NCTE-COOL resources, where she created OERs for the course 'Childhood and Development'. She is actively involved in the formation, management and facilitation of the TALC CoP for teacher educators across the country. With a team of faculty, she recently conducted Design based workshops for teacher educators and student teachers on curating OERs and evaluating them. She also anchors the Synergy initiatives of the centre by collaborating with teacher education institutions and extending the activities of the centre to TEIs. 


Dr. Gomathi conducted a  study of fostering the ability of ‘learning to learn’ through the use of internet among secondary school students for her Master's Dissertation and her doctoral thesis was 'Relationship between Secondary School Students’ Educational Aspiration, Educational Resilience, Social Connectedness and Well-Being: A Mixed Methods Study.

Her research interests lie largely in the area of adolescent psychology, teacher education, classroom practices, school education  - pedagogic practices, educational management and leadership and ICT in education

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Research assistant for the UGC funded Major Research Project titled ‘Promoting Action Research for Continuing Professional Development among  In- Service Teachers through the Mentorship Model’.

A study on 'State of School Management Committees- A Study of SMCs in Four States of India  

Mainstreaming Child Labourers in Schools – Issues, Challenges and Alternatives

Presently working on two projects-

  • Understanding the concept of Teaching and Learning in Teacher Education Institutions in Mumbai city

Dr. Gomathi has experience in teaching at the B.Ed. level for the courses- namely Educational Management, International Education,  Science pedagogy, English pedagogy, ICT in Education, Language Across Curriculum, Learning and Teaching, Childhood and Growing Up, Critical Understanding of ICT, Childhood and Development.  At the Masters level, she has taught Management of Education, Learners and Learning, and Material Design and Development and Educational Leadership and Management for the MA Elementary Education. She also has experience in teaching across courses at the Early Childhood Education level. 

She presently teaches 

  • Learners and Learning (B.,ed.M.Ed. Integrated and M.A Education)
  • Educational Leadership and Management (MAEE)

Invited as resource person to deliver a talk on 'Teaching for Social Change' in a virual National Interdisciplinary conference at Rizvi college of education, Mumbai

Invited as a resource person to deliver a talk on 'Emotional Resilience and Wellness' at a Webinar Series organized by St. Xaviers Institutue, Mumbai

Invited as a resource person to conduct a workshop on 'Meaningful Reading: Key to Quality Research Review'  at MiT-ADT University, Pune

Invited to conduct a session on the topic “Interdisciplinary Research” for an Online Orientation Programme under RUSA organized by the UGC Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mumbai

Invited as external expert  for Ph.d. pre-synopsis panel for viva presentation at School of Education & Research, MIT Art, Design & Technology University, Pune

Invited as a resource person to conduct a workshop on 'Life Skills’ at St. Xaviers Institutue of Education, Mumbai

Conducted a session on Key ideas and concepts of Education for Centre for Lifelong Learning, TISS 

Invited as a resource person to take a workshop on  'Flipped Classrooms' for Teachers of Delhi Public Schools under the aegis of DPSS-HRDC 

Invited to take a session as a Speaker at the International Webinar on "Stress & Coping: Strategies to De-Stress" organized by Women Empowerment Cell (WEC), GITAM (Deemed to be University), Visakhapatnam, AP, India.

Email: gomathi.jatin[at]tiss[dot]edu