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Prof Jacquleen Joseph

Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Disaster Management, Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

M.S.W. (Bharatidasan), M.Phil., Ph.D. (NIMHANS)

Jacquleen Joseph has a MPhil and PhD in Psychiatric Social Work from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore. She has been associated with JTSDS since its inception and is also Dean of the school. Her research, field action and teaching at the centre is around Psychosocial Care and Support in Disaster and Humanitarian Contexts. Tsunami 2004, Mumbai Terrror Attack 2008, Zaveri Bazar Blast 2011, AMRI hospital fire 2011, Assam Conflict 2012 and Nepal Earthquake 2015 are the recent disasters where she continues long term engagement through research and field action in the psychosocial domain. She has been a social work faculty before moving into the field of disaster management. Her other areas of interest and work focus on quality institutional care for children, preventive and promotive mental health interventions, tobacco cessation interventions, measurement, indices, disaster risk, vulnerability and recovery.


  • Pyschosocial Support and Mental Health in Disasters,

  • Index and Indicators for Mental Health and Disaster Vulnerability,

  • Long-term Disaster Response and Recovery,

  • Tobacco Cessation,

  • Mental Health Advocacy and

  • Quality Institutional Care for Children

Research Projects

  • Competency Assessment Framework for Entry Level Disaster Management Professionals, funded by JTSDS - completed'
  • Social Inclusion and Disasters: A Targeting Methodology for Shelter Reconstruction, funded by India Value Fund - completed




  • Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: A Macro Framework, Disasters, 37(2), 185-200, 2013.

  • Beyond Traumatic Experiences and Emergency Medical Care: A Psychosocial Framework for Understanding Distress among Survivors of 26 November 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack, Pre-Hospital and Disaster Medicine Journal, World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Cambridge University Press – 2013.

  • Survivors of Terror and Well-Being: A Strengths Based Approach to Working with Widowed Women Survivors of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack, in Strengths Based Social Work Practice In Mental Health: Theories and Practice, Horizon Research Publishing, USA. (Accepted for Publication).

  • Psychosocial Support: Crying Need, Limited Capacity. In S. Parasuraman and Unni Krishnan (Eds.), India Disasters Report II: Redefining Disasters, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013 (co-author)

  • Invisible Disaster and Survivors: A Case of Endosulfan Chemical Disaster in the Kasargode District of Kerala, Economic and Political Weekly – 2013. (Co-author)

  • Psychosocial Training Needs Assessment among Residential Childcare Service Providers and Beneficiaries in the Indian Context, National Journal of Professional Social Work 10(2), 85-104, 2012 (co-author)


Field Action Projects:


  • Inclusive Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Programme in Biwandi, Maharashtra, funded by Govt of Maharashtra and UNDP India - Ongoing
  • Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme,in partnership with Tata Sustainability Group, Plan International, India Value Fund, Nepal School of Social Work, Opportunity Village, Action Aid, among others - Ongoing


  • Research Methodology I

  • Introduction to Public Health and Mental Health in Disasters

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Research Methodology II

  • Psychosocial Health in Disaster Management (Concentration Courses)

    • Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Services in Disasters: Approaches and Interventions

    • Self Study: Mental Health and Disaster

  • Non Credited Inputs

    • Research Tutorial

    • Competency Assessment for Entry Level Disaster Management Professionals

  • Research Dissertation Guidance

  • Internship Supervision


Email: jacquleenjoseph[at]tiss[dot]edu

Professor and Dean

Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

email: jacquleenjoseph@tiss.edu

phone: 022 25525886