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Prof M. Mariappan

Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Hospital Management , School of Health Systems Studies

M.H.M. (Madurai Kamaraj University),
Ph.D. (TISS)



  1. PhD Title of the work “Quality Work Environment and Performance: A study of nurses in Public Sector Hospitals” Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai (2007-2009)
  2. UGC-NET Qualified for UGC-NET, Subject: Management
  3. Master in Hospital Management (M H M), Faculty of Business Administration 1990-1992, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
  4. B.Com, 1986-1989, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
  5. NCC ‘C’ Certificate in 1989


  1. From June 26, 2000 - till date: working as Professor and Chairperson in School of Health Systems Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
  2. Worked as Assistant Hospital Administrator, Research Officer in two Private Hospitals and Research and Training Institute in Bangalore from July 2, 1992 to October June 21, 2000.


Visiting fellow to London School of Economics, Health Management Systems Centre, University of Brimingham

Member of number of Academic and Non-Academic bodies

Organised and participated number of workshop, seminars, conferences and traning programme in the field of Hospital and Healthcare Administration.



Key Research Areas of Reseach work

  1. Quality of Healthcare Services
  2. Workforce analysis, rationalisation, and planning
  3. Workforce efficiency, productivity, and performance management
  4. Medical Technology and Assessment
  5. Work culture and climate in Hospitals
  6. Patient safety, rights and patient support systems
  7. Medical Value Travel Management - perspective on quality, equity, and essential learning from current pratices and future direction
  8. Economic Evalution of Helathcare Services
  9. Costing and Financial Management in Healthcare Services
  10. Hospital Accounting Practices in Healthcare Organisations


Few Selected Research Studies in the Past

  1. A Study of Health Problems among youth in slums of a major metropolitan city, Bangalore, 1993
  2. Workforce analysis of non-teaching staff for Government Medical colleges and Hospitals” Government of Maharashtra, 2003-2004
  3. External Evaluation of User Fee Scheme for Maharashtra Health Systems Development Project (MHSDP), 2005
  4. Evaluation of User Fee Scheme in Four States of India” for World Health Organisation (WHO) 2005-2006.
  1. Mariappan M, 2002, The Role of Hospital Administrator in resource utilization; issues and challenges, Publisher Express Health Care Management, Mumbai.
  2. Mariappan M, 2003, Ensuring better out in Hospitals Express, Health Care Management, Mumbai.
  3. Harshad Takur, Mariappan M, 2007 External Evaluation of User Fee Scheme in Government Hospitals in Maharashtra, India Artha Vijnana, Journal of the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (ISSN 097-586X) Vol.IX Nos.3 &4.
  4. Harshad Takur, Mariappan M, soumitra Gosh, 2009 User Fees in India’s Health Sector: Can the Poor Hope for any Respite? ArthaVijnana, Journal of the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, (ISSN 097-586X) Vol.LI Nos.2.
  5. Mariappan M, 2009, Life Cycle of Leprosy Hospital, Asian Journal of Homoeopathy, (ISSN 0975-4156) Vol.3, No.3.
  6. Mariappan M, 2010, Organisational Diagnosis and Development Study of a Leprosy Hospital, Asian Journal of Homoeopathy, (ISSN 0975-4156), Vol.4, No.2 (11).
  7. Mariappan M,2011 Workforce assessment: A tool for effective utilisation of workforce Asian Journal of Homoeopathy, (ISSN 0975-4156) No.5 (14).
  8. Mariappan M, Harshad Takur, 2012 User Fee Management in India, Journal of Health Management, (ISSN0972-0634)14(2).
  9. Mariappan M, 2013, Analysis of Nursing Job Characteristics in Public Sector Hospitals Journal of Health Management, (ISSN0972-0634), 15(2).
  10. Mariappan M, 2014,Work Environment and Nursing staff job satisfaction in public hospitals in Mumbai, Indian Journal of Psychology and Mental Health (ISSN 0973-7286), 9(2).
  11. Mariappan M, 2014, Financial Accountability in Health Care organisations, Christian Medical Journal of India, 29(3).
  12. Mariappan M, 2015, Nursing staff Absenteeism and Presenteeism in Public Sector Hospitals in Mumbai, Indian Journal of Psychological Science, (ISSN 0976 9218), 5(2).
  13. Mariappan M, 2015, Chapter on Activity Based Costing/Management in Hospitals Hospital Management, (ISSN 978-81-239-2628-5), Book on Hospital Management - Volume -II.



  1. Journal Article: Quality of work life of nurses in public sector hospitals
  2. Book on Financial Accounting for Health Care Organisations
  3. Book on Performance Analysis of Hospitals
  4. Book on Management Accounting for Health Care
  5. Mariappan M, Feroze Ikbal, 2016, Hospital Quality Indicators, Working Paper




1. Project on Manpower Planning and Development for a 500 bedded Hospital

(Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre, Madurai, Tamil Nadu) as part of MHM curriculum, 1992

2. Diagnosis and Development studies for Sevakshetra Hospital, Bangalore, 1993

3. Diagnosis and Development studies for Kidwai Institute of Oncology, Bangalore,


4. For Maharashtra Govt. - National Malaria Eradication programme - Review (Data collection and analysis), 1994

5. Evaluation Study Catherine Booth Hospital, Nagarcoil Tamil Nadu 2006,

6. Evaluation Study Leprosy Hospital, Hubli, Karnataka2007

7. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Study and Workforce Analysis for Manipal Hospital, Bangalore-2006, 2009,and 2012.

8. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Study and Workforce Analysis for Manipal University, Bangalore-2006- 2007

9. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) study for Five Corporate Hospitals for Manipal Health Enterprise Limited 2010

10. Enhancing efficiency and Economy of Housekeeping services, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore 2011

11. Evaluation of Leprosy Hospitals in India; A study of Five Hospitals SEI supported Hospitals 2011

12. Hospital Diagnostic Study St John’s Medical College Hospitals, Bangalore, 2012

13. Hospital Diagnostic Study Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokara, Nepal


14. Establishing Hospice at Harigaram, Panval – under Progress 2014

15. Assessment of Public Health Students in District Hospitals, India (9 States) under progress 2014

16. Hospital Rating Project funded by ICICI Lombard, 2015

Diploma Programmes

1. Basics of Finance and Cost Accounting

2. Strategic Cost Management in Hospitals

3. Financial Management

4. Performance Management in Hospitals

Master Degree

1. Financial Accounting for Healthcare Organisations

2. Management Accounting for Hospital Organisations

3. Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

4. Marketing Management for Healthcare Organisations

5. Financial Management


1. Strategic Management for Healthcare Organisaitons


Email: marim[at]tiss[dot]edu



Centre for Hospital Management

School of Health Systems Studies,

Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

Post Box No.8313.Deonar, Mumbai-88

Telephone : 912225525523(O)

Email : marim@tiss.edu