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Prof Mythili Ramchand

Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Ph.D. (Education),
M.Sc. (Physics)

Before joining TISS Mythili Ramchand was the Director of RV Educational Consortium, Bangalore from 2005 to 2018. She worked as science teacher educator and a high school physics teacher prior to 2005.

Mythili has led a number of collaborative projects and research studies in Karnataka. She has worked on initial teacher education curriculum and developed reading and related materials and been involved in capacity enhancement programmes for faculty of education. Currently she anchors a Post Graduation Certification programme for faculty of education offered by TISS.

Mythili has offered her consultancy to a number of organisations and been in the panel of committees on teacher education curriculum renewal and reforms. She is currently a member of the Institutional Advisory Board of Regional Institute of Education, NCERT, Mysore.

Dr. Mythili Ramchand's research interests are in the areas of philosophy of education, initial teacher preparation, inclusive education from a social justice perspective and mediation of resources in teaching learning process. Over the dozen research studies that Mythili has led, she has extensively used Participatory Action Research, Multimethod surveys and case study approach. Four of the studies were Evaluation/Impact assessment of large scale Government/NGO driven projects in elementary schools.

Completed research studies completed that Dr. Ramchand has led over the past decade

● Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Science in the Teacher Education Sector - A Developmental and Research Project. 2017. Funded by Educational Research and Innovations Committee, NCERT, New Delhi
● Diversity and Inclusion in Classrooms - Karnataka Context; In collaboration with DSERT and Seva in Action. 2015. Funded by UNICEF
● A Status Study of Pre-Service Elementary Teacher Education (D.Ed) in Karnataka. 2010. Commissioned by Karnataka Knowledge Commission
● Nature and Extent of use of ICTs in Classrooms. 2010. Commissioned by SSA
● Survey and Study of Current Status of Select D.Ed Colleges in Karnataka. 2009. Funded by Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai
● Evaluation of the Computer Assisted Programme implemented by Azim Premji Foundation in 20 rural schools near Bangalore. 2009. Commissioned by Quest Alliance
● Evaluation of Educational Leadership and Management Training Programme of Azim Premji Foundation, in collaboration with Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC),Bangalore. 2009. Commissioned by ISEC
● A research study based on the 2006-07 Performance Reports of Karnataka School Quality Assessment Organisation. 2008. Commissioned by the Government of Karnataka.

On going research study

Comparative Study of Initial teacher Education, in collaboration with University of Sussex - Funded by the Government of India under the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration



Select Publications

● Mehendale, A; Velugu, B; Ramchand, M & Sawhney, S. (2019). Status of Education of children with disabilities in India. New Delhi: UNESCO
● Ramchand, M. (2018). Preparing Reflective Practitioners – Curriculum and Pedagagogic Implications. Voices of Teachers and Teacher Educators. 7(1)
● Ramchand, M. (2016). Teaching Learning resources in Pre-Service Teacher Education Sector. Chapter 21 in Disha Nawani (Ed). Teaching-Learning Resources for School Education. Sage. New Delhi. pp: 351-365
● Ramchand, M (2017). Empowering Teacher Educators. Learning Curve (24). Feb, 2017.
● Ramchand, M (2014) Preparing Teachers for Social Justice - The Karnataka experience. Learning Curve (23). Oct, 2014.
Ramchand, M (2007) Perception of teachers on the role of culture in classroom teaching. In Natarajan C. and Choksi, B. (eds.). epiSTEME 2 International Conference to Review Research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, Conference Proceedings. India: Macmillan.

Completed Projects

● All Round Improvement in School with Support from the Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF): A multi-pronged effort to build capacities of head teachers, teachers and improve learning levels of children in four primary schools run by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. 2015-2018. Commissioned by Tech Mahindra Foundation 

● Implementing inclusive education in D.Ed colleges: A collaborative project with DSERT & Seva-in-Action. 2014-16. Funded by UNICEF
Localisation and translation of elementary OERs of TESS India. 2015. Funded by British Council
● Master Resource Persons’ orientation towards revised pre-service elementary teacher education curriculum. 2013. Funded by DSERT
● Synergy between D.Ed colleges and Schools: Research based intervention programme. 2011. Funded by DSERT
● Pre-service Elementary Teacher Education in Karnataka: A series of intervention Programmes targeting D.Ed colleges, as part of KEN. 2009-2013. Funded by Sir Navajbai Tata Trust, Mumbai

Present teaching assignments

MPhil (Education) - Action Research

MA Education - Ideas and Concepts in Education

MAEE - Philosophy of Education (co-teaching)

Earlier teaching assignments

MPhil (Education) - Knowledge, Theory and Practice (co-teaching) Action Research(co-teaching) 

MAEE - Philosophy of Education (co-teaching)

Email: mythili.ramchand[at]tiss[dot]edu