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Prof Nandini Manjrekar

Professor , Mumbai campus

School of Education

M.Sc. (Mumbai),
Ph.D. (MS University, Baroda)



Nandini Manjrekar is Professor and former Dean, School of Education, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her teaching and research spans the following disciplinary and interdisciplinary domains: sociology and social history  of  education,  curriculum studies, gender studies, and contemporary studies of schooling, marginalisation and education, with a focus on social and political conflict that impact the experiences and aspirations of youth. Her research has largely focused on the micro and macro features of the contemporary political economy of education in the Indian context, with an explicit focus on  gender. Through ethnographic and textual analysis, her work locates this context within and draws on wider colonial and postcolonial discourse, both local and global, and also examines  regionally contextual  experiences which shape the policy imagination of education of youth  as well as their pathways to work within the  contemporary neoliberal  economy.  Since 2013 she has been involved in teaching and research in the area of history of education in the Indian context. Two studies in the history of Indian education are being currently completed: one on the Baroda princely state in late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and public education in the mill district of Bombay from 1900 to 1945.

Dr Manjrekar  has  been part of various national policy research and monitoring groups in education and also have had a deep  engagement with civil society and non-profit organisations working with women, youth and community.  She was a member of the National Focus Group on Gender Issues in Education (2005), and  has been a member of several review missions under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. She was also part of a select committee to draft a vision document for education in the state of Jammu and Kashmir ( 2013-15). She has published widely in journals and edited books,  and her latest publication  was an invited paper for the Argentinian journal, Espacio de Blanco, in 2020. She  edited a reader on Gender and Education in India, published by Aakar  Books in 2020.

She has also served on the Executive Committee of the Indian Association of Women's Studies (2012-2014) and is is currently Vice-President,  Comparative Education Society of India. She is also   currently joint editor, Comparative Education Dialogue (Sage). Dr Manjrekar was at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Fulbright Fellow (1997-98) and has taught in  the Women and Gender Studies Programme, Massachusetts  Institute of Technology(MIT), Cambridge, USA (2005-2006). She has been a visiting fellow at the German Historical Institute London (2016 and 2019), and the Georg Eckert Institute of International Textbook Research, Germany, in 2018.  

Sociology of education

Gender and education

Education and conflict

Childhood in social and historical perspective

History of education in princely states


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Education and the princely state: Baroda, 1875-1940 (individual), 2018-


Public education in the mill district of Bombay, 1900-1945 (Max Weber Stiftung, German Historical Institute, London), 2018-2020


Masters in Education:


Sociology of Education

History of Education

Gender and Education

Research Methods


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Qualitative Research Methods: Ethnography


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Gender, Ideology and Education


Email: nandini[at]tiss[dot]edu