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Dr Nandita Mondal

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Labour Studies , School of Management and Labour Studies

M.S.W. (Visva Bharati),
Ph.D. (University of Mumbai)

Dr. Nandita Mondal, Assistant Professor, Centre for Labour Studies, School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai is a trained Social worker from Visva Bharati, Santiniketan. She has worked on empowerment of Koli fisherwomen in Mumbai for her PhD from the University of Mumbai. She has worked with government, nongovernment, corporate as well as educational institutions during her professional career across India spanning nearly three decades. Her research interest covers the issues of women in informal labour, women’s work and dignity, cooperative governance and women, child labour and corporate social responsibility.  She has several refereed publications and numerous professional presentations to her credit.


  • Women Informal Labour
  • Women in Governance
  • CSR
  • Women Agricultural Labour
  • Cooperative Management
  • Development Accountability and State

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Aaspirations of Muslim Youth in Education and Employability: A Case Study of Sivajinagar Slum, Mumbai

(commissioned by 'Apnalaya', Mumbai)(with Prof. P. Gopinath, School of Development Studies, TISS)

(Project grant upto 5 lakhs)


  • Globalisation and Informal Economy
  • Labour and Formal Organisation
  • Organising Informal Labour
  • International Labour Standards and Decent Work
  • Corporate Social Responsibillity and Social Audit
  • Theoretical Approaches in Social Science
  • Employees Benefit and Welfare



Email: nandita.mondal[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email: nandita.mondal@tiss.edu

Mobile: +91 9136047423

Telephone: +91 22 2552 5000; +91 22 2552 5826