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Prof P.K. Shajahan

Dean,Academic Affairs , Director's Office
Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

Ph.D. (Delhi)

P.K. Shajahan PhD, is a Professor of Social Work and Dean, Academic Affairs at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. He was formerly the Dean, Social Protection, Dean Students' Affairs, Chairperson, Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice and Chairperson of South Asia Centre for Studies in Conflicts Peace and Human Security at TISS.

He is currently the Vice-President of International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) and represents ICSW at the Task Force on Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development 2020 - 2030. As a Member of the Board of Directors, International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), he Chairs the Publication Committee of IASSW. He along with colleagues from Europe, Americas and Africa founded two global academic alliances - Critical Edge Alliance (CEA) and Solidarity Economy Reciprocity and Social Innovation (SERESI). He is heading international collaborative academic projects with University of Bristol (UK), Roskilde University (Denmark), University College Dublin (Ireland), University of California, Berkeley and Tribhuvan University (Nepal). His research, publications and areas of expertise include, Participatory Development; Social Enterprises and Social Innovation; Diversity and Social Cohesion; Community and Civic Engagement; School Education and Accountability; Social Protection and Social Policies; International Social Work; and Youth Development. He has been a visiting faculty at University of Chicago (USA), Gavle University (Sweden), Tampere University (Finland) and Roskilde University (Denmark).

Social Innovation and People Centred Development

Social Enterprises

Diversity, Social Cohesion and Human Security

Community and Civic Engagement

Social Protection and Social Policies

International Social Work

Youth Development. 

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Palattiyil, G., Sidhva, D., Pawar, M., Shajahan, P. K., Cox, J., & Carter Anand, J. (2018). Reclaiming international social work in the context of the global agenda for social work and social development: Some critical reflections, International Social Work, DOI: 10.1177/0020872818774107

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Shajahan, P.K, and Pooja Sharma (2018), Environmental Justice: A call for action for Social Workers, International  Social Work, Vol. 61(4) pp. 476-480.

Jha, Manish K, P.K. Shajahan and Mouleshri Vyas (2014), Biopolitics and Urban Governmentality In: S. Mezzandra, J Reid and R Samaddar (eds), Biopolitics and Development: Reading Michael Foucault in the Postcolonial Present, New Delhi, Springer.

Shajahan P.K and Pooja Sharma (2014), Inequalities in India: Tracing the Trajectories and Challenges, Draft Report on Inequality in India for the Global Agenda Programme of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW Global)

Shajahan P.K. (2013) ‘Social Protection for All: The Disconnect between Global Perspectives and Local Realities’, ICSW Global Cooperation Newsletter, June, International Council on Social Welfare.

Hulgard, L and P.K. Shajahan (2013), Social Innovation and People Centred Development In F. Mouleart, D. MacCallum, A. Mehmood and A. Hamdouch (Eds), The International Handbook on Social Innovation: Collective Action, Social Learning and Transdisciplinary Research, Cheltenham (UK), Edward Elgar.

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Shajahan, P.K., (2012). Mythscapes of Communal Expressions, New Delhi, AlterNotes Press.

Jha, Manoj K and P.K. Shajahan (2010), Social Topography of Delineated Others: Muslims in Contemporary India In: A. Waheed(Ed.) Minority Education in India, Delhi, SERIALS Publications.

Shajahan, P.K. (2009), Demons, Proselytizers and Liquid Fear: Communal Expressions in Contemporary India In: S. Sharma and M. K. Jha (Eds), In Opposition to Silence, New Delhi, AlterNotes Press.

  1. OPAL-CHIP (OPAL- Cases Highlighting Innovative Practices) in collaboration with University of Bristol, UK, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu and Roskilde University, Denmark (Since 2020)
  2. OPAL: Organizational Perspectives on Accountability and Learning: School Management Models and the Social Impact of Schooling in Mumbai and Kathmandu: An ESRC funded project with University of Bath, UK, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu and Roskilde University, Denmark (Since 2017.
  3. Evaluation of Skill building programme P.A.C.E by Gap Inc. in India (2018-19)
  4. Study on Impact of Cyclone on Okhi in Kerala India and preparation of comprehensive development plan for the fishing community in Kerala (Since 2018- 20)
  5. Global Models on Social Work and Civil Engagements, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme of FP7 stream of European Commission – A collaborative Research Project across 10 countries coordinated by Coventry University, UK
  6. International Comparative Research on Social Enterprise Models (ICSEM) promoted by EMES, European Social Enterprises Research Network, Belgium
  7. Understanding the ‘Water People’: A Study of the Life and Experience of Lake Dwellers of Kashmir (proposal approved by UGC under Major Research Projects)
  8. Social Innovation and People Centred Development, A collaborative project with University of Roskilde, Denmark.
  9. Exploring Good Practices in Overcoming Deprivations, A UKIERI Project in collaboration with University of East London, UK.
  10. Study on NGO/Civil Society Organization (CSO) initiatives for the Development & Empowerment of Muslims in India, commissioned by Sadbhavana Trust New Delhi.
  11. Conflicts, Development and Livelihoods among Dal communities in Srinagar, Kashmir, India
  12. Contribution of CARITAS to Social Development in India, Commissioned by CARITAS India.

Theoretical Perspectives for Community Practice

Society Conflicts and Peace Processes

Conflicts and Conflicts Analysis

Human Security: Concepts Trends and Perspectives

Email: shajahan[at]tiss[dot]edu

Phone (Direct): +91 22 2552 5477