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Dr Raile Rocky Ziipao

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Mahatma Gandhi Academy of Human Development (MGAHD)

Ph.D. (TISS, Mumbai),
Post Doc (Harvard University, USA),
M.Phil. (TISS Mumbai),
M.A. in Development Studies (TISS)

Ziipao holds a Ph.D in Social Sciences and a Masters in Development Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He was the South Asia Fellow at Harvard University. His teaching and research interests includes the socio-anthropology of infrastructures, political economy of development, tribal studies, and Northeast India studies.

Socio-anthropology of infrastructure 

Tribal and Adivasi studies: Perspective from within

Indigenous philosophy and methodology

2019. Ziipao R. Raile. ‘What are the Impediments to Road Infrastructure in Manipur?’ Economic and Political Weekly, 54 (14): 1-7

2019. Bodhi S.R and Ziipao R. Raile. The Integration Spectrum: A Historical Conspectus from a Tribal Perspective, in Bodhi S.R. and Bipin Jojo (ed.). The Problematics of Tribal Integration: Views from India’s Alternative Centers. Shared Mirror: Hyderabad.

2018, Ziipao R. Raile. ‘Look/Act East Policy, Roads, and Market Infrastructure in North-East India.’ Strategic Analysis, 42 (5): 476-489

2018, Ziipao R. Raile. ‘Roads, Tribes, and Identity in Northeast India.’ Asian Ethnicity. doi. https://org/10.1080/14631369.2018.1495058

2016, Ziipao R. Raile. ‘Electrified Without Electricity’. Economic and Political Weekly. Vol. 51, Issue No. 13.

2016, Ziipao R. Raile and Kamei A. L. ‘Revisiting Exclusion and Oppression within the Marginalized: Implications for Indigenizing Social Work Practice in North East,’ in Bodhi SR (ed.). Social Work in India: Perspective from Within. Adivaani: Kolkata.

2015, Ziipao R. Raile. ‘Tribes and Tribal Studies in North East: Deconstructing the Philosophy of Colonial Methodology,’ in Akhup Alex (ed.). Identities and Their Struggles in North East India. Adivaani: Kolkata.


Ziipao R. Raile (Forthcoming). Infrastructure of Injustice: State and Politics in Manipur. Routledge: London

Bodhi SR and Ziipao R. Raile (Forthcoming, ed.). Land, Words and Resilent Cultures: The Ontological Basis of Tribal Identities

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M A 

Economy, Polity and Governance

Social Exclusion and Social Policy

Introduction to issues in the North East 

Email: raile.ziipao[at]tiss[dot]edu