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Dr Reji Edakkandi Meethal

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Social Entrepreneurship , School of Management and Labour Studies

M.Sc. in Co-operation and Banking,
Ph.D. (Continuing)

Dr. Edakkandi Meethal Reji is currently Assistant Professor at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (India). He has had his education (BSc and MSc) from Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur and PhD in Management from Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai (India) in 2016. His doctoral dissertation dealt with Value Chains and Small Enterprises: Analysis of Integration of Small Scale Handloom Producers into Global Value Chains. Dr Reji has over 15 years of experience in teaching, research and consultancy. Prior to joing at Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, Dr Reji has taught at Kerala Agricultural University (Thrissur) from 2003 to 2006 and at Centrurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi, Odisha from 2006 to 2013. His current teaching and research interests are in the areas of Public Policy, Inclusive Value Chains, Small Enterprise Development, Microfinance, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Innovations and Business Models, Sustainable Development,Agriculture, Livelihoods, Rural development and Development Policies. Dr Reji has published research papers in international journals and also review papers for international journals. He is also involved in consulting, training, and organising national and international conferences in social entrepreneurship. He is currently co-editing a book titled "Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development" for Routledge, UK.

Dr. Reji's research interests are in the areas of Value Chains, Inclusive Value Chains and Business Models, Small Enterprise Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship, Skill Building, District Planning, Microfinance, Agriculture, Livelihoods and Rural Development.

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D:Edited Books

Introduction to Entrepreneurship (co-authored with Satyajit Majumdar and Chetan Rout), Center for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 2014

Facilitators Manual on Foundation Course on Entrepreneurship (co-authored with Satyajit Majumdar), Center for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 2014

E: Chapter in Edited Books

Reji, E. M. (2013). “Collective Action for Food Security” in Himadri Sinha, (ed) Governing the Commons and Livelihood Security of the Poor, Xavier Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi, India

Reji, E. M. (2012). “Public-private partnership in skill building and employability training: case study of Gram Tarang Employability Training Services Ltd”. In Anjula Gurtoo., A Udayaditya., S. Birbite., T. Ravindra and V. Shobhana,(eds.) Public Policy and Governance, Excel India Publishers, New Delhi.

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F: Conference Papers/Proceedings

Reji, E. M (2018). Global Value Chains in Aquaculture and Fisheries, paper presented in the National Conference on Empowering Rural Community through Aquaculture, 09-10 February 2018, College of Fisheries,Rathnagiri.

Reji, E. M and Sathe, Madhav (2018). Thought Process Investment in Strategic Philanthropy: Insights from an Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Experiment for Creating a Hybrid Non-Profit Model, paper presented in the South Asia Conference on Business Models and Social Entrepreneurship, 18- 20 January 2018 at Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai (India)

Reji, E M and Guha, Samapti (2017). Is Serial Social Entrepreneurship Leading to Sustainable Development? Insights from Annapurna Parivar Mandal, Paper presented in the Sixth Annual International Conference on Sustainability, 2-4 March, 2017, Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

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Reji, E. M (2011) Growth oriented microenterprises for local economic development: study of Turmeric processing enterprises in Kandhamal district, Odisha’. In proceedings of Ninth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship, 16-18 February, 2011 at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.

Reji, E. M. and Lajpriti Das (2009). Reaching the Poor through Financial Innovations: A study of KOPSA. In Workshop Resource Book, Rejuvenating SHGs: A National Workshop for Institutions that Promote and Finance SHGs, 4-5 November, 2009 at CSREM Paralakhemundi.

Reji, E. M (2009). Rural Entrepreneurship: Case study of Rice Hullers in Kalahandi District Orissa. In Seminar Proceedings, National Seminar on Entrepreneurship Development, Behrampur University, 22 March, 2009.

Need Assessment Survey and Corporate Social Resopnsibility Policy for L&T Financial Services Ltd. 2014 (Along with Prof. Satyajit Majumdar)

Curriculum Development for National University Students Skill Development Programme    (Entrepreneurship Domain) and Development of Course modules for Foundation Course in Entrepreneurship   (Along with Prof. Satyajit Majumdar)

District Planning Project- 2008 to 2012. Drafted comprehensive district plan for Gajapati District for the year 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12, a project sanctioned by State Planning and Co-ordination Department, Government of Orissa.

Diagnostic Studies of Micro-Industrial Clusters-2007: Prepared diagnostic study reports of six micro-industrial clusters in Odisha, the project sanctioned by the Ministry of MSME Government of India.

Orissa state strategy paper for Oxfam India in the year 2010.(Along with Prof. D N rao).

  1. Introduction to Public Policy
  2. Sustainable Development and Social Ventures
  3. Introduction to Value Chains
  4. Fund Raising for Social Ventures
  5. Research Design
  6. Introduction to Microfinance
  7. Research Project (Co-ordination)

Email: reji.edakkandi[at]tiss[dot]edu

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Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

School of Management and Labour Studies

Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai(India).

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