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Dr Roshni Nair-Shaikh

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Criminology and Justice , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

M.A. (TISS),
Ph.D. (TISS)

Dr. Roshni Nair-Shaikh

MA in Social Work with a specialisation in Criminology and Correctional Administration (TISS-1993) and Ph.D. in Social Work (TISS-2015) with a focus on Field work in Criminology and Justice. She has been working with the Centre for Criminology and Justice (CCJ), School of Social Work, TISS, Mumbai since 2006, and currently is the Chairperson of the Centre.

Prior to 2006, worked for twelve years with an NGO she was a founder member of, which has done pioneering work in the area of  street living youth and runaway girls.

Roshni has also been part of networks, advocacy related programs, curriculum building and training. She is engaged with designing and conducting sessions related to self and personal and professional effectiveness. She is also connected with themes of child and youth rights, work with victims, criminal justice social work and a focus on self.


Of twenty seven years of a career connected with Social Work, she has spent equal time being a social work practitioner and educator.



Some recent research projects (completed and ongoing)


1.  Making Street Children Matter: A Census Study in Mumbai, 2014


2. Socio-Economic Profile and Rehabilitation Needs of Muslims Community in Prisons in Maharashtra, 2011


3. Scoping Study of Homeless Population in M East ward, Mumbai, 2011


4. Status of Implementation of Probation System in Maharashtra, 2008


5. Prevention of Sale & Sexual Exploitation of Children: Strengthening Justice Mechanism in Maharashtra 2019-ongoing


Recent Publications



Nair, R., Juvva,S., Nadkarni,V.V., Ed ( 2020). Field Instruction in Social Work Education, The Indian Experience, Routledge


Thomas, T. and Nair-Shaikh, R. (2019). Closet Drinkers: Alochol Use Disorder among Women in Delhi. In the Indian Journal of Social Work, 80 (20), April, pp 171-188

Nair, R., & Raghavan, V. (2017). Reviving criminal justice social work through probation in India: Historical solutions to contemporary problems. In M. D. Chong & A. P. Francis (Eds.). Demystifying criminal justice social work in India (pp.127-144). New Delhi, India: Sage Publications.

Bhattacharya, A. and Nair,R. (2015) Ethical Considerations in researching Sensitive Topics in India: Study of Girls Living on the Streets of Kolkatta. In the Indian Journal of Social Work, 76(2), April, pp 177-192

Nair,R., and Raghavan, V., (2014) Living on the Edge : Scoping Study of Homeless Population in M East ward, mumbai, Social Work Journal, Bi-annual, 5(2), July-December, pp 35-45

NAir, R., ( 2014) Using Content Analysis in Qualitative Reserach in Social Work: Some Insights.In the Indian Journal of Social Work, 75(4) , October, pp 523-534

Bhattacharya, A. and Nair, R., (2014), Girls on the Street: Their Life experiences and Vulnerability to Sexual Abuse.In the Indian Journal of Social Work, 75(1), JAnuary, pp 33-47

Raghavan, V. and NAir, R., (2013) Over-representation of Muslims : Prsons of Maharashtra. In the Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVIII (11), pp 12-17

Field Action Project 


1. Criminal Justice Fellowship Program ( March 2015 to May 2019 )


Courses currently teaching:



1. Social Work Practice With Individuals ( Previosuly Case Work )  (2 Credits)

2. Rural Crime and Justice from 2007 to 2017 ( 2 Credits)

3. Victimology and Crime Prevention (2 Credits)

4. CBCS Personal and Professional Development of the Practitioner ( 2 Credits)

5. Professional and Personal Competencies for Effectiveness, MA Online ( 2 Credits) course discontinued

6. Social Welfare Administration ( 2 credits)

Email: roshni[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email : roshni@tiss.edu


Phone:+ 91-22- 25525453