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Mr Sachin Tiwale

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Water Policy, Regulation and Governance , School of Habitat Studies

M.Sc. in Water Management with specialisation in Water Resource Management (UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, Netherlands),
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Institute of Chemical Technology Formerly known as UDCT, Mumbai)

Sachin Tiwale is with Centre for Water Policy Regulation and Governance as an Assistant Professor. His research interests include urban water governance, revealing technopolitics, participatory irrigation management and river basin management.

Prior to joining TISS, Mr. Tiwale was associated with non-government organisations and working on food security issues. Mr. Tiwale also has an experience of implementing watershed management programs in Chhattisgarh and northern Maharashtra.

  • Revealing technopolitics associated with the networked water infrastructure in urban areas in the global south
  • Understanding the role of small-scale water supply provides in the cities
  • River basin management
  • Participatory irrigation management (PIM)

 Journal Publications

  • Tiwale, S. (2020). Water Conservation and Religious Organisations. Economic and Political Weekly, 55(24), 57-60. (PDF)
  • Tiwale, S. (2019). Materiality matters: Revealing how inequities are conceived and sustained in the networked water infrastructure - The case of Lilongwe, Malawi. Geoforum, 107, 168-178. doi:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2019.09.005 (PDF)
  • Tiwale, S., Rusca, M., & Zwarteveen, M. (2018). The Power of Pipes: Mapping Urban Water Inequities through the Material Properties of Networked Water Infrastructures-The Case of Lilongwe, Malawi. Water Alternatives, 11(2), 314-335. (PDF)
  • Tiwale, S., & Hingmire, D. (2016). Scapegoating Climate Change. Economic and Political Weekly, 51(23), 69-70. (PDF)
  • Tiwale, S. (2010). Foodgrain vs liquor: Maharashtra under crisis. Economic and Political Weekly, 45(22), 19-21. (PDF)

Other Publications

  • Tiwale, S. (2015). Flaw overflow: Has the Maharashtra government prepared the draft river basin plan for Godavari to push for more projects in the region? Down to Earth, December 31, 56-57. (PDF)


  • Towale, S. (2020). Grabbing water resources in urban agglomeration - the case of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Paper presented at NOIR Workshop on Water Infrastructure and Regional Governance organised by Network on Infrastructure Regionalism in collaboration with Regional Studies Association, September 29 - October 2, 2020.
  • Tiwale, S. (2019). Number narratives of water shortages and technopolitics of water appropriation in the urban agglomeration: The case of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Paper presented at the 9th International Congress On Technology, Science and Society, October 3-4, Madrid, Spain.

  • Rusca, M., Ferrero, G., Tiwale, S., Alda Vidal, C., & Boakye-Ansah, A. (2016). Water security in sub-urban spaces in the global South: The case of Lilongwe, Malawi. Paper presented at the WASH Futures Conference 2016, May 16-20, Brisbane, Australia.


An Assessment of the status of Water User Associations of Maharashtra supported by Ministry of Water Resources Development, Government of Maharashtra.



Right to City - Urban water component (supported by Ford Foundation)

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Email: sachin.tiwale[at]tiss[dot]edu