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Dr Sampat Kale

Assistant Professor , Tuljapur campus

School of Rural Development

Ph.D. (Pune)

Dr. Sampat Kale (M.A., Ph.D. in Sociology) is with School of Rural Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) as a Senior Assistant Professor. He is the Programme Convener, MA/M Sc in Sustainable Livelihoods and Natural Resources Governance. Member of the Board of Studies, TISS Tuljapur Campus, Tuljapur. He is the In charge of Social Protection Office, Tuljapur campus. He is a Life Member of the Indian Sociological Society, Member of International Sociological Association and member of Marathi Samajshastra Parishad Maharashtra.

Member of the committee on Farmer Suicides in Osmanabad District, Government of Maharashtra 2013-15. Project Co-director on Socio-Anthropological study of Dhangar Community of Maharashtra, Government of Maharashtra, Committee constituted by TISS 2016-18. Marathwada Region representative to State Advisor of Supreme Court Commissioner on Right to Food programme and monitoring Food and Shelter programme in Marathwada region, Government of Maharashtra, 2012-15. Faculty supervisor for the programme of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF), Government of India, Maharashtra, 2012-15.

He has written more than two dozens of articles, several books and some papers in national and international journals. He has presented his work at various conferences and seminars at national level. He has visited Stockholm-Sweden, Toronto Canada and presented papers as well.

Sociology of Development and Change, Agrarian Structure and Social Transformaion, Indian Social Structure and Change, Sociology of Marginal groups, Rural Development, Political economy of natural resources, Farmer Suicides, Voluntary Organization- NGOs, Social Movements, People-centred Advocacy, Local Self-Governance, Sustainable Livelihood of Marginalized , Land, Water, Forest & Work , Poverty, Inequality, Food Security, Displacement & Development.

Kale Sampat & Jare Ramesh: Caste in Modern India: Atrocities against Dalits, Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd, May 2017, New Delhi. (Peer Reviewed)

Kale Sampat: Grassroots Development Initiatives in India: Rights based approach to development and Advocacy, Aakar Books, March 2015, New Delhi. (Peer Reviewed)

Kale Sampat: Anti-SEZ Movement in India: An account of struggle in Maharashtra, NCAS, May 2010, Pune. (Peer Reviewed)

Kale Sampat & Sangwai Sanjay: Kampanishahi ki Lokshahi? (The Politics of SEZ:Company or Democracy), NCAS, January 2007, Pune.

Kale Sampat & Sangwai Sanjay: SEZ:Dhandandgyana Bhudaan ( SEZ: Land gifted to Elites), NCAS, August 2006, Pune.

Kale Sampat & Bedi Pankaj: Advocacy Perspective: Empowering people assuring livelihoods: with special reference to National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, NCAS, 2005, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Tahanlele Pani (Thirsty Water), NCAS, 2003, Pune

Kale Sampat: Migration and Acculturation among the vulnerable tribes in Maharashtra, Analyzing Social Change and Development in India edited by N.K. Bhargava, Himanshu Publications, 2017, Udaipur.

Kale Sampat: A Study of Sustainable Livelihood Approaches to Poverty Reduction in Maharashtra, Social Research Foundation, Journal of Social Sciences, Aurangabad, July-December 2016.

Kale Sampat & Jitendra Gond: Teaching Sociology: Critical reflections on epistemology, philosophy, ontology and methodology, IJIRSET, Vol. 5, May 5, 2016.

Kale Sampat & Jitendra Gond: Drought in Marathwada: Water scarcity worsening situation in Marathwada, IJIRSET, Vol.5, May 5, 2016.

Kale Sampat: Developed and Underdeveloped Countries Socio-economic Systems: A Perspective, Arthapurna, Oct-Nov, 2014, Pune

Kale Sampat: Maharashtratil Gramin Vikasache Rajkaran: Sadhyastithi aani Aawahane, Samajshtra Sanshodhan Patrika, Volume No 14-15, December, 2013, p.44-50, ISSN-2230-7745, Aurangabad.

Kale Sampat: Rajkaran Vikasache and Magasalepan Vidarbha Marathwadayache, (politics of Development in Marathwada and Vidarbha), Arthpurna Pune, May 2013, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Stop Land Grabbing Programme, GIREM 101 Publications, E-Magzine, January 2012, Page No 19. Mumbai.

Kale Sampat: Pannashi Samajik Maharashtrachi aani Samajik bhan, Akshar Prakashan, Edited by Medha Kulkarni, November 2011, Mumbai.

Kale Sampat: SEZ: A Land Grabbing Programme! Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd, October 2010, Mumbai.

Kale Sampat: People Centred Budget and Marginalised with special reference to Maharashtra, Arthpurna, March 2010, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Howl of the Hills: An interview of Sampat kale by Nidhi Jamwal in Down to Earth, Vol, 17, No.08, September 5, 2008, New Delhi.

Kale Sampat: Mandeshatil Dushakalachya Zala (Drought in western Maharashtra), Daily Sakal, 28 February 2003, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Shudha Pani Nirogi Samaj Hava (Clean water for healthy society), Daily Sakal, 12 June 2003, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Kayamswarupi Dushkal Niyojan Have (Planning required for drought eradication), Daily Sakal, 24 September 2003, Pune.

Kale Sampat: Ekvisave Shatak Panyache! (Water of millennium), Parivartanacha Vatsaru, 15 August 2005, Pune.

Kale Sampat: SEZ Act Radda Kara (Scrap SEZ Act), Parivartanacha Vatsaru, 15 November 2006, Pune.

 A project on Drought relief in Marathwada Region 2013-14.

Hailstormm relief and support to Marginalied people of Marathwada 2014-15. 

A socio-anthropoligical study of Dhangar Community of Maharashtra 2016-18.

An Assessment of the status of Water User Association of Maharashtra 2018-19.

1.    Aspects of Rural Development

2.    Understanding Indian Society

3.    Decentralised Rural Development

4.    Food Security and Right to Food

5.    Perspectives and Approaches in Sustainable livelihoods

6.    Livelihoods Policies, Practices and Challenges

7.    Decentralized Rural Planning and Sustainable Livelihoods

8.    Social Accountability and Rural Development

9.    Management of NGOs

10.  Society, Culture and Change

Email: samkale[at]tiss[dot]edu

Sampat Kale


Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Tuljapur Campus

Dist. Osmanabad

Contact: 9270105222/24

Email: samkale@tiss.edu