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Dr Samta Pandya

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Social Justice and Governance, School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

Ph.D. (TISS),
Postdoctoral Fellow (ICSSR)


Samta Pandya is a faculty member at the School of Social Work. Her interest areas include history of social work, social theory and social work, social work perspectives,  aging issues and political theory for critical social, work.




Research interests include social work theory and perspectives, social work praxis, faith-based organizations, volunteerism and aging issues.

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Single across the lifecourse: Understanding realities of never married elderly women. Sponsored by Sarvodaya Seva Trust (completed- 2017)


Seva in the Ramakrishna Mission Movement in India. Co sponsored by Association for the Sociology of Religion (completed 2018)



Food services of faith-based Organizations- co sponsored by ASR (2018-ongoing)

Older adults, volunteer work, community service and spirituality - sponsored by Sadbhava Trust and Senior Citizens Association of Mumbai (2018- ongoing)


Inentional Communities- The Case of Aurovile - co sponsored by RRA, Waco, TX. (2019-ongoing)

Aging, art and wellbeing- sponsored by Sadbhava Trust (2019-ongoing)





History and Perspectives of Social Work 

Introduction to Social Theory 

Political Theory for Critical Social Work 

Advanced Perspectives and Praxis in Social Work 

Email: spandya[at]tiss[dot]edu