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Dr Sandhya Rani

Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Population, Health and Development, School of Development Studies

M.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., PGDSTAT., Ph.D. (SVU)

Educational Qualifications: M. Sc (Anthropology); M. Sc (Zoology); PGD in Statistics, B. Ed; Ph. D (Reproductive Health and Development)

Areas of Specialization: Reproductive Health, Primary Health Care, Population Anthropology, Community Nutrition and Development, Social sector and development , Skill development for inclusive development, Corporate Social Responsibility and community development, Tribal Development, Issues related to children, Adolescents and youth, Food security and interventions, Aging and Health, Rural development.

Fellowships Awarded:

Recipient of Indo-Thai- Bilateral Programme Fellowship. As part of the fellowship visited Thailand .

Receipient of Linnaeus Palme Fellowship for International Exchange Programme at Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Membership in Professional Bodies:

General Secretary, Indian Association for Social Sciences and Health(IASSH), Mumbai

Steering Committee Member of Puey Ungphakorn Rural Development Network (PURDNet)- Asian Countries

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The major projects undertaken include:

  • Promotion of Nutrition Programmes at Primary Health Centre: A Study in Andhra Pradesh
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Status of Tribal Adolescent married Girls in Jharkhand
  • Impact assessment of Returned 12 ½ % Developed Lands to the PAPs under the Navi Mumbai Project in Panvel Area
  • Population, Health and Developmental issues: A study of Slums in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Status of Tribal Married Women : A Study in Ladakh-High altitude regions of India
  • A Comparative Study of Children Born with Cleft Lips and Palates in India: 2000 and 2013
  • Baseline Study of Impact India Foundation s Community Health Initiative
  • Socio Economic Status of Tribal Women in the Context of Skill Development: A Study in Andhra Pradesh.

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Email: pmsrani[at]tiss[dot]edu