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Dr Sandhya Seshadri Iyer

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development, School of Development Studies

M.A., Ph.D. (Mumbai)

Sandhya S. Iyer, Associate Professor, Chairperson, Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute for Social Sciences. She holds M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Mumbai. Also invited by the German Development Institute (DIE) for a Training and Dialogue Programme on 'Managing Global Governance' (MGG), at the Global Governance School in 2007. She was also a visiting fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex and worked with the team on Global Governance and Asian Drivers. She has been Principal reseacher and consultant for projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP India, and the State Governments of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Her current empirical work focuses on Sustainable Development Goals both across Indian States and also among the T20 countries.

A Development Economist works largely in an multi-disciplinary approach

Research interests includes:

  • Human Development
  • Integrated Poverty
  • Multidimensional Inequality
  • Labour Studies
  • Decentralisation
  • Social security and social protection policies
  • Global Governance and International Development

2018- co-authored with K. Seeta Prabhu, Human Development in an Unequal World, forthcoming monograph

2018- co-authored with Ananya, Chakraborty, Women, Migration, and Measurement: Unpacking Associational Migration in India, in Migration and Mobility in India: A Citizenship Perspective (ed.) by Ashwani Kumar & R.B. Bhagat, forthcoming

2018- co-authored with Margo Thomas, Cesar Cordova Novion, Arjan de Haan and Gimena de LeónMaxime Forest, 'Gender Mainstreaming: A Strategic Approach', for the Gender Economic Equity, T20, Argentina 2018 THINK 20, CIPPEC, https://t20argentina.org/publicacion/gender-mainstreaming-a-strategic-approach/

2018- India's Fragile Industrial Landscape and Worker's Remuneration: Some Unanswered Paradoxes, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, in The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Volume 60, issue no.3, pp. 371-387, https://doi.org/10.1007/s41027-018-0103-x

2018- Economic Growth and Integrated Poverty Index: An Estimate Using Macro Level Aggregates at the Subnational Level in India, Indian Journal of Human Development 113: 1-24 https://doi.org/10.1177/0973703017743381

2012- “Unequal Growth: Public Policies and Human Development in Maharashtra”, in C.S. Deshpande(ed), Maharashtra’s Economy at 50: Development Issues and Policy Priorities, Mumbai, Maharashtra Economic Development Council

2010- Book Review, 'Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia' Esocial Sciences, Mumbai http://www.esocialsciences.org/Articles/ShowArticle.aspx?acat=eSSays&aid=2775 August 2010

2010- “Public Intervention, Institutions and Human Development in India: Theory and Evidence”, in C. Sengupta and S. Corbridge (ed), Democracy, Development and Decentralisation in India: Continuing Debates, New Delhi Routledge, India

2005- Supporting the Achievement of MDG in Asia and Pacific (co-authored with Prof. Sarthi Acharya)-UN-ADB Discussion on 2nd Phase of MDG, as part of the UN-ADB Task Report of Agenda for MDG

2005- “Re-Examining The Employment Guarantee Scheme in Maharashtra (Special Article)” co-authered Prof. Sarthi Acharya) Labour File; ISSN 0972-673X New Delhi

2005- “Is the National Rural Health Mission 2005-12 a Prescription for Rural Health Care Maladies”, Express Health Care Management Vol 6, No. 8; 1-15 May-2005; pp: 2 & 14

2005- ‘Right to work: Understanding the National Employment Guarantee Act’: Rapporteers Report of a Panel Discussion', Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Jan-March 2005, New Delhi Jan-March

1999- Financing Social Security in India: A Human Development Perspective, co-authored with K. Seeta Prabhu, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 42 (3): 519-533


2017-18- Study of Social Economic Impact Assessment of proposed expansion of HMEL refinery, Bathinda

2017-18 - “Exploring the role of money power in India’s electoral politics” India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM), Election Commission of India

2016-17: Assessment of Technical Quality and Economic Assessment of Category B Asset Under MNREGA in Sikkim. (2016-17)

2016- Devolution Report 2015-16, Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India (Published and Released)

2015- “Devolution Report 2014-15', Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India (Published and Released)

2013-15 - SPIP-NRLM Chhattisgarh, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of Chhattisgarh (published)

2011- “Preparation of Ahmednagar Vision 2020 Document- English and Marathi Report”, Collectorate-Ahmednagar

2010 -“Decomposing Inequality for Measuring Education Progress in India” Sponsored by TISS-Mumbai

2008- “Mainstreaming Human Development in Teaching Programmes: Curriculum Development” Sponsored by UNDP-India(Published and Released)

2005- Project Member: Household Survey on Food Safety and Quality Control of Drugs in Western India sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (GOI) and the World Bank (Published and Released)

2004-05-“Livelihood Employment and Sustainable Development: An Initiative Towards Improving Skill and Employability of People”, Confederation of Indian Industry (Western Region), (Published and Released)

2004-05- “Evaluation of User fees in First Referral Hospitals in Maharashtra,” Maharashtra Health Systems Development Project, (Published and Released)

2004-05-“Towards District Planning for Human Development”, Sarthi Acharya, Sponsored by Planning Commission-Government of India, & UNDP-India, (Published and Released)

2004-05- Consultant Institute  For Participatory  Practices (praxis) for estimating District level poverty estimates for three Indian States: Assam, Chhattisgarh and Sikkim (Published and Released)

2003- Project Coordinator, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai and Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, World Bank Funded Project titled, ‘Valuation of Life and Injury Risks’. The study focused at examining the occupational risks and health insurance mechanism in formal manufacturing activities (Published and Released)


Over 14 years of teaching experience

Masters In Development Studies

  • Poverty, Inequality and Human Development;
  • Globalisation and Labour; 

Masters in Health, Hospital Administration & Public Policy and Social Epimedeology

  • Microeconomics and Health Economics 

Integrated Mphil and Ph.D in Development Studies

  • Perspectives in Development
  • Quantitative Research Methods

Email: sandhya[at]tiss[dot]edu

Associate Professor & Chairperson,

Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development,

School of Development Studies

In-Charge TISS-Social Impact Assessment Cell

Tata Institute of Social Science

(+91) 022- 25525328; email: sandhya@tiss.edu/ vsandhya.iyer@gmail.com