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Dr Shahaji Narwade

Assistant Professor , Tuljapur campus

School of Rural Development

M.Sc. Agriculture (MAU, Parbhani)
Ph.D. Sociology (Solapur University)

Second generation literate, born in a peasant family in Tuljapur block. The school education up to matriculation was completed in 1978 from a vernacular school in Tuljapur. Eighties, was a relatively better period for the agriculture sector; this was a reason for deciding the future education in the field of Agriculture. During the college days actively affiliated with the Peasant Movement i.e. Shethkari Sanghatana, after completing Masters in Agriculture engaged in family farming, joined TISS in 1989 as Horticulturist. The economic- ecological and sociopolitical challenges before the agriculture sector were most predominant after nineties, the situations was worst particularly in the drought prone area. TISS provided a platform and opportunity in exploring alternatives to these challenges through innovative projects with the active partnership of local communities.


SSC Aurangabad Board 1978 First Division with Distinction
HSC Aurangabad Board 1980 First Division
B.Sc. Agriculture ( MAU, Parbhani) 1983 First Division
M.Sc. Agriculture (Horticulture) ( MAU, Parbhani) 1885 First Division with Distinction
Ph.D Sociology ( Solapur University ),2015

Rural development, Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods

2005; Causes of Farmers' Suicides in Maharashtra, Study Conducted in Twelve Districts of Maharashtra and Report Submitted to Hon. Bombay High Court.

2014; Revisiting Strategic Research and Extension Plan (SREP) of Osmanabad District, Action Research


Shahaji Narwade , 1995, Participatory Technology Development For Promotion of Horticulture in Drought Prone Maharashtra, Paper Presentedin Horti- National 1995, National Workshop Organised by Kerala Horticultural Development Board, November 1995, Trivendram

Shahaji Narwade and Manish Herlekar, 2000, Water Crisis in SAT Region and Proposed Strategies, The Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol 61, Issue 3, pp. 435-455

Shahaji Narwade, 2001, Sustainable Agricultural Practices and People's Participation : A Case Study, Yojana, Vol 45 , November 2001, pp.29-45 (Co author)

Shahaji Narwade ( Co author) , 2005; Indian Agriculture and Farmers' suicides: Some Issues, Financing Agriculture, Agricultural Finance Corporation Limited, Vol. 37, No. 3 ; pp.3-6

Shahaji Narwade ( Co author) , 2006; Farmers' suicides and The Roots of Agrarian Crisis, in Dr. Gyanmudra Ed. Farmers Suicides in India Dynamics Strategies of Prevention, NIRD Hyderabad, pp. 91-108, ISBN 978-81-8450-005-9

Shahaji Narwade, 2010: Yashogatha ( A booklet on best practices in Sustainable Agriculture ; Marathi) Jointly Published by TISS Tuljapur campus and ATMA Osmanabad.

Shahaji Narwade, 2014, Process of De-pesentisation In Marathwada: A Comparative Study of Two Villages in Osmanabad District, Research Process, International Journal of Social Research Foundation, Vol 2 No.1 , pp105-113; ISSN-2321-211X

Shahaji Narwade, 2013: The Case of Maharashtra's Disappearing Water, Economic and Political Weekly; 48 (18), 19-21 Co-other

Shahaji Narwade, 2015, Feminisation of Agriculture and Issues of Women Farm workers , Working paper No. o3/Jan/2015 TISS Tuljapur.

Shahaji Narwade, 2015,Agrarian Distress and Status of Agriculture in Osmanabad District Report submitted to Hon. Governor on 5th January 2015 during his visit to TISS, Tuljapur

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Ecology and development,

Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management.

Agriculture and Allied Activities

Non Farm Sector and Rural poor

Rural/ Agro based Industries and Rural Marketing

Farm Non-farm Linkages and Livelihood Issues 

Modes of Natural Resource Use and Sustainable Rural Development

On farm, Off farm and Non farm Linkages and Livelihoods

Livelihood Development Policies

Email: narwade.shahaji[at]tiss[dot]edu