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Dr Sharon Menezes

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Criminology and Justice , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

Ph.D. (TISS)

Sharon Menezes is faculty with the Centre for Criminology and Justice (CCJ), School of Social Work (SSW), TISS, Mumbai, since 2010. Prior to this, she was with Prayas: Social Work in Criminal Justice, a field action project of the CCJ, SSW, TISS, since 1995.  Engagements with Prayas continue as Joint Project Director.
She has a Master of Arts in Social Work (with Specialisation in Criminology and Correctional Administration) and Ph.D. in Social Work from TISS, Mumbai.
For nearly twenty-five years, Sharon’s engagements in teaching, training, field practice and research have been focused on social work methods, women and children in custody and institutions, human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation, procedural justice, and rehabilitation and social re-integration of individuals, groups and communities involved in or vulnerable to crime, commercial sexual exploitation, stigma and destitution.

Procedural justice
Human trafficking
Commercial sexual exploitation
Women prisoners
Custody and institutions
Rehabilitation and social reintegration of persons discharged from penal and protective institutions

Some research projects (completed and ongoing):
1.  Prisoners' Contact with Families: Procedures, Practices and Experiences (2020)  

2. Socio-legal Circumstances of Accused during Initial Court Production (2018)

3. The Devadasi System:  Social Context, Responses and Resistance (2018)

4. Socio- economic Situations and Rehabilitation Needs of Women in Dance Bars (2005)

5. National Survey on Human Trafficking in India (ongoing)

2019. Criminal Justice Social Work in India: Conceptualising and Teaching from Practice. In Ushvinder Kaur Popli and Ashvini Kumar Singh (eds.) Indigenising Social Work Practice in India. Bloomsbury. (with Vijay Raghavan)

2019. Book Review: Women, Mobility and Incarceration: Love and Recasting of Self across the Bangladesh-India Border, by Rimple Mehta, London, NY: Routledge, 2018,Indian Journal of Social Work, 80(3), 393-396.

2019. Re-thinking Breakaways from Prostitution: Implications for Police Intervention, Indian Police Journal, 66(1), 24-31.

2019. A Thesis for Exiting Prostitution: Implications for Criminal Justice Social Work, International Journal of Criminal Justice Studies(Special Issue on Criminal Justice Social Work in India), 14 (1), 67-81.

2019. SC lifts ban on women in dance bars: Questions about consent, protection from exploitation remain, Firstpost(online, Feb 18, 2019).

2019. “Someone Listen to Me”: Exiting Prostitution, Indian Journal of Social Work, 80 (1), 47-66.

2019. Experiencing Justice Delivery: Women Exploited for Commercial Sex Speak, Journal of Victimology and Victim Justice, 1-15.

2017. Prayas: Demonstrating Criminal Justice Social Work, Indian Journal of Social Work, 78 (2), 225- 253. (with Vijay Raghavan).

2016. ‘Covering Distances … A Tough Struggle’: Conceptualising Exiting Prostitution, Sociological Bulletin, 65 (3), 339-356.


Prayas: Social Work in Criminal Justice 



Social Work Practice with Individuals (formerly titled Social Case Work)

Community Organisation

Issues and Challenges in Criminal Justice Social Work

Rural Crime and Justice 

Work with Individuals, Groups and Families (Kevat Patient Navigation Programme, Tata Memorial Centre)


Email: sharon.menezes[at]tiss[dot]edu


Phone: 022-25525455