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Dr Shewli Kumar

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Women Centred Social Work , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

Ph.D. (Delhi)

Shewli Kumar is a social work educator and presently she working as Associate Professor at School of Social Work. Her research and practice interests lie in the areas of community mobilisation, women from the margins, experiences of exclusion, mobilisation and collectivisation, law and social policy analysis in the context of sexual harassment, women and work, livelihoods and development, childhoods and child rights. Some of the researches done are in the realm of women human rights defenders in conflict zones, maternity benefit, child marriage, women and livelihoods, gender audits and family counselling centers in India. She has recently published the book: “The Gendered Terrain of Maintenance for Women: Enmeshed Inequalities in Culture and Law”. She has presented several papers at national and international conferences including at the United Nations Sub Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights NGO Consultations, Geneva and the 4thWorld Conference on Women’s Studies 2018, Colombo.

Most of her published papers explore experiences of women and children from marginalities and excluded communities like Dalits, Tribes and religious minorities.  She is strongly engaged with research and advocacy networks for promotion of women and children's rights at the local, national and international levels. She is part of the South Asian Feminist Alliance for Women’s ESCR (SAFA) and she has also participated and presented papers in international forums like Regional Meeting for the World Conference on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, at Kathmandu, Nepal 2001, World Conferenceon Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and other related intolerance, at Durban, South Africa, 2001, World Social Forum at Mumbai.

1. Maternity Protection for Women in Maharashtra Evaluation and Assessment of the Current Social Security measures”- an ILO-TISS Collaborative Project part of a larger National project.

2. Research on Women Human Rights Defenders in the South Asia Region

3.Gender Audits of Civil Society Organisations like Navsarjan, India and DAG, India

4. Research and Development of State Implementation Plans for National Rural Livelihood Missions for Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra

5. A Report on Mapping of efforts to combat HIV and AIDS among Children in India for Save the Children, Sweden.

6. Stocktaking Report of Consult for Women and Land Rights-An International Advocacy organisation for women’s rights based in India.

7.    Desk Review of Child Labour in Maharastra

8.    Status of Children in Punjab

9.    Case Studies of Advocacy Efforts on Human Rights Issues in North India

10.  SAARC Gender Report Card and Core Committee member of  South Asia Feminist Alliance

11.MKSP Evaluation Project for J K Shroffs Foundation

12.  Early Marriage in Rajasthan- TISS-Vikalp Sansthan Action Research

1. Kumar, S. 2004.Adolescence, Gender and Reproductive Rights. Perspectives in Social Work. Vol. XIX. No.2 May-Aug.2004. Mumbai.

2. Kumar, S. 2004. A Requiem for the Indian Womenin Women’s Watch.Vol.2. Oct-Dec. 2004. Issue.1. New Delhi.
3. Kumar, S, 2004. State of Child Rights in Punjab. State of Child Rights in India. 2004. Pairvi Publications. New Delhi

4. Kumar S, 2003. Views on Report on Democracy and Administration of Justice. UN Sub Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights NGO Consultations. UN Publications. Geneva

5. Kumar S. 2007. Dalit Women in Rajasthan: Status of Social, Economic and Cultural Rights. PWESCR Publications, New Delhi

6. Kumar S, 2008, Dalit Women at Intersections; Voices from the Margins, Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol 69, Issue 2, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Publication, Mumbai

7. Kumar, S. 2011. Building Women Empowered Communities for Governance: A Social Work Perspective. Indian Journal of Social Work. Vol 72, Issue 2, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Publication, Mumbai


8. Kumar, S &Rawat A. 2015. Lifeworlds Of Children of Sex Workers in Budhwar Peth. Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol 76, Issue 4, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Publication, Mumbai

9. Kumar, S & Sharma A. 2018. Higher Education Institutions and Sexual Harassment: Contested Spaces & Struggles of Internal Committees. Quest in Education. Vol. XXXXII No.1

Chapter in Book

Kumar, S. 2016. Migrant Children and Social Work Interventions in India- Comment on Chinese Case Study from an Indian Perspective in eds. Schwarzer B, Kammerer-Rutten, U et.al.Transnational Social Work and Social Welfare: Challenges for the social work profession.Routledge Advances in Social Work, Taylor and Francis, London and New York. 

Book Publication
Kumar, S. 2017. The Gendered Terrain of Maintenance for Women: Enmeshed Inequalities in Culture and Law. ScholarInk.

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Teaching Courses for MA Social Work:

1. Social Policy, Planning and Programmes,

2. Women Development Practice and Politics

3. Women and Work

4. Workshop on Research Design, Methods and Data Collection Strategies





Email: shewli4[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email: shewli4@tiss.edu

Landline: 022-2555422

Mobile: 9833583540