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Dr Shivani Chauhan Barooah

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice , School of Social Work - Guwahati Campus

M.A. in Social Work (University of Delhi), M.Phil. in Social Work (University of Delhi), Ph.D. in Social Work (University of Delhi)

She has done M.A Social work from Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi and subsequently her M. Phil and Ph. D. in Social work from University of Delhi. She was awarded the UGC JRF in social work in 2003. And, she also has a Master 1 in Sociologie from L'université Pierre-Mendès-France - Grenoble

She has a keen interest in languages and has the DALF C2  in the French language. The DELF and DALF are diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates. C2 is the highest level of the CEFR and DALF C2 is the highest diploma of French as a foreign language.






Her academic research's focus has been decent work for workers in the informal economy focussing on construction workers engaged in ADB projects and on women home-based workers of Ahmedabd. Her work has  been published and presented in various seminars and congress.

Areas of interest

Decent work

Informal economy

Women and work

Human Resource Management

Labour Laws

Urban studies

Geriatric and child care


 Chauhan Barooah, S. Decent work for women home-based workers in Ahmedabad. Journal of Social work Education, Research and Action. Vol. 1 (2), May-August 2015 pp. 68-82 ISSN NO. 2394-4102

Decent Work for Home-Based Workers: Implications for Social Work. In S. Bhatt and S. Pathare (Eds.), Social work education and practice engagement. (pp.233-240). New Delhi: Shipra Publications ISBN: 9788175417571

Sanjai Bhatt and Shivani Chauhan, Right to Decent Work for Workers in the Informal Economy, Contemporary Social Work, Vol.3, Issue 1, January- June 2011 ISSN 0975-1793

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She is teaching in the M.A. programmes of Social work, Labour studies and social protection, B.A. social sciences and also the Faculty In-charge for Bachelors of Vocational Education programme at TISS Guwahati Campus.

Courses Taught:


SW7-Human Resource Management -Princples and practices


CD3- Urbanization, Governance and Informal work


LSSP03- Work, organizations and Industrial relations

LSSP11- Labour Laws in India

LSSP18- International Labour Standards and Decent work


SS- Self study (Industry and Labour)

Email: shivani.barooah[at]tiss[dot]edu