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Dr Sowjanya Tamalapakula

Assistant Professor , Hyderabad campus

School of Gender Studies

M.A. in English Literature (Nagarjuna University),

M.Phil., Ph.D. in English Literature (EFLU, Hyderabad)

Dr. Sowjanya Tamalapakula has a Ph.D in the area of Gender and Caste violence from The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad. She is currently teaching and guiding at School of Gender Studies at TISS, Hyderabad campus.  

My research interests include Indian cinema, semiotics, caste, sexuality and media. 

Ponniah,U and Tamalapakula, S (2020) “Caste-ing Queer Identities” in NUJS Law Review, The Quarterly Flagship Journal of NUJS, Calcutta, Volume 13, Issue-3, ISSN-L (Online) : 0975 - 0207. ISSN (Print) : 0975 – 0029 


Tamalapakula, S (2019) “Critique on Contemporary Debates on Menstrual Taboo in India: Through Caste Lens The Pramana Journal, New Delhi. Volume 9, Issue 8. P.253-258. ISSN NO: 2249-2976.  


Tamalapakula, S (2019). “Politics of Inter-caste Marriage Among Dalits: “Political as Personal”,” in Asian Survey, 59:2. Berkeley: University of California Press. P.315- 336. ISSN: 0004-4687, E-ISSN: 1533-838X


Tamalapakula, S (2019). “Casting Honour: Reading of Inter-caste Love in South Indian Cinema” The Scholar Critic. Vol-06, Issue-02, August 2019. P.67-84. ISSN 2348 – 6937, E-ISSN- 2348 – 694 


Tamalapakula, S (2016). “Understanding Discrimination Based on Skin Colour in India: A Critique on NDTV-What’s Your Choice? The Philosopher: A Research Journal, Tirur: SSUS,Vol.1. No.4. P. 115-123. ISSN- 2319-8311 

Tamalapakula. S (2014). “Understanding Dalit Feminism” The Philosopher: A Research Journal, Tirur: SSUS, p.145-156. Vol.2.No.2. ISSN-2319-8311 

1. Consultant, Project on Jogini System in Andhra Pradesh, (Ongoing) Ashraya Foundation, Andhra Pradesh. (2019) 

2. Consultant, Project on Caste in Diaspora: Perceived Caste Discrimination (Ongoing) Equality Labs, U.S.A (2020) 

She teaches intersectionalities, sexuality, women's writing, media studies and masculinities to post graduate students. 

Email: sowjanya.tamalapakula[at]tiss[dot]edu

E mail: sowjanya.tamalapakula@gmail.com