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Dr Srinivas Surisetti

Assistant Professor , Hyderabad campus

Chairperson - School of Livelihoods and Development
Chairperson - School of Vocational Education - Hyderabad Campus

B.Sc. (Andhra University),
M.S.W. (Nagarjuna University),
Ph.D. (Andhra University)

Srinivas Surisetti is an Associate Professor at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, since 2011. Currently he is the Chair Person of Academic Programs and School of Vocational Education at TISS-Hyderabad Campus His interest areas include Institution building, Microfinance through women Self Help groups, and Skill building towards Livelihood Promotion.

For about 15 years he was engaged in capacity building of various stakeholders, Research and case documentation associated with rural development programs of Government and NGOs, prior to joining TISS. He was instrumental in developing learning platforms for both practitioners and academia contributing to knowledge building and Curriculums for capacity building of practitioners in the areas rural livelihoods and promotion of Producers organizations. He taught in institutions such as the Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, Gothenberg University, Sweden as part of the faculty exchange initiatives of TISS.

Srinivas anchored major research studies including AP Rural Livelihoods, and Savings Behaviour of the Poor and a Scoping Study towards establishing a National level Livelihood Resource Centres in South Africa, Kenya and Mozambique for the Ford Foundation. Some of his research work is published in journals and books.

Srinivas has a range of research interests, including Institution building-Peoples Collectives, Microfinance through women Self Help groups, and Skill building towards Livelihood Promotion, development Induced displacement. Accordingly he has been engaged in Research in the areas of Livelihoods and Livelihood promotion especially of the rural poor-weavers, artisans, wage workers, particularly vulnerable tribal groups towards supporting best practice promotion and advocacy for suitable public policy.

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2.      Srinivas, S. and Rao, Umesh, 2010, Promoting Forest based Livelihoods: A case study on Kovel foundation, pp. 37-56, Inclusive Livelihood Strategies on Non Timber Forest Produce, The Livelihood School, Hyderabad

3.      S.Srinivas, SHGs-Bank linkage: Impact on Livelihoods of the Poor. The Indian Journal of Social Work 71(1) 75-86, January 2010, Mumbai, TISS

4.      S.Srinivas, et.al Leveraging Livelihoods for Muslim Women in Hyderabad: Role of SHGs. The Indian Journal of Social Work 71(1) 103-116, Jan 2010, Mumbai, TISS

5.      Sankar Datta, Narayana, SL and S. Srinivas (Eds), 2010, Savings of the Poor: They can do it, 2010, Ed. Books for Change, Bengaluru.

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Srinivas has experience of working with both Government and NGOs for about 15 years prior to his joining with TISS and was part of the Rural Development sector especially in the areas of Livelihood Promotion. He was engaged in conducting a Scoping Study towards establishing a National level Livelihood Resource Centres in South Africa, Kenya and Mozambique for the Ford Foundation in 2011.  His recent projects at TISS, Hyderabad.


1.      Mid Term Review of VIKASPEDIA, Center for Development of Advanced Computing, Hyderabad, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, GoI, 2017-18

2.      Social Impact Assessment of Road Overbridge Construction in Kaitlapur, Hyderabad for Medchal-Malkajgiri District, Telangana Satate, 2017-18


1.      Social Impact Assessment of Roadwidening in Fatehnagar, Hyderabad, for Medchal-Malkajgiri District, Telangana Satate, 2016-17

Teaching in MA-Rural Development and Governance Program.

·           Introduction to Livelihoods 

·           Working with Communities 

·           Institutional Analysis and Design 

·           Critical Understanding of Rural Development Programs 

A few sessions for the BA-Social Science students in two courses, Development and Rural Development, Livelihoods and Social Policy


Curriculum Development:

·           Developed curriculums of Fundamentals of Livelihood promotion, Marketing for Livelihood Promotion and Non timber forest based livelihood promotion

·           Developed Content for Trainers Manuals and Best Practice Promotion in the areas of Farmers Producer Organizations, Savings and Credit groups of women

Email: srinivas.surisetti[at]tiss[dot]edu



Mobile: +91-9395141382 & 9704393711