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Dr Suhas R Bhasme

Assistant Professor

Centre for Water Policy, Regulation and Governance , School of Habitat Studies

M.A., M.Phil, PhD (Development) (University of Sussex)

I am currently working as Assistant Professor at Centre for Water Policy, Regulation and Governance, School of Habitat Studies, TISS, Mumbai. I teach courses on surface water, development and water, contemporary discourse in the water sector, research design and perspectives on water.  My research approach is primarily qualitative work focusing on understanding the different aspects of the irrigation policies and livelihoods in rural parts of India.  A guided training of qualitative research both during my Masters and MPhil at Jawaharlal Nehru University (2003-2007) and  PhD at University of Sussex (Brighton, United Kingdom) contributed in strengthening skills to carry out a qualitative research project. The two postdoctoral positions at Indian School of Business (2015-16) and Ashoka Trust Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bangalore (2017-19) enhanced my knowledge about the impact of the development process on lives and livelihoods of people in rural parts of India.   I supervise dissertation students interested in working on politics of irrigation management, tank irrigation and livelihoods in the rural parts of India.  I have been able to publish some of my work in peer-reviewed academic journals.

I also worked as an Associate Editor for the journal World Development Perspectives, published by Elsevier.

My research interest includes irrigation management and rural development, climate-resilient agriculture policy and practices in  India. I have supervised students working on these issues. I also work on research projects that focus on understanding the role played by the social and economic inequalities on the process of implementation of agricultural as well as irrigation policies in India.  

1.                Taylor, M., Bargout, R., & Bhasme, S.(2020) Situating Political Agronomy: The Knowledge Politics of Hybrid Rice in India and Uganda. Development and Change.

2.                Taylor, M., & Bhasme, S. (2020). Between deficit rains and surplus populations: The political ecology of a climate-resilient village in South India. Geoforum. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016718520300075

3.                Mansourian, S., Parrotta, J., Balaji, P., Bellwood‐Howard, I., Bhasme, S., Bixler, R. P., ... & Lake, F. K. (2020). Putting the pieces together: integration for forest landscape restoration implementation. Land Degradation & Development, 31(4), 419-429.

4.                Taylor, M and Bhasme, S, (2019) The political Ecology of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in South India: Putting SRI in Places, Journal of Agrarian Change, 19(1), 3-20 https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/joac.12268

5.                Taylor, M and Bhasme S, (2018), Model Farmers, Extension Networks and the Politics of Agricultural Knowledge Transfer, Journal of Rural Studies, 64, 1-10 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0743016718305308

Rai, N, Bhasme, S and Balaji, P (2018) Power, inequalities and rights: a political ecology of forest restoration in Mansourian, S and Parrotta John (ed) Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrated approaches to support effective implementation, Routledge, New York


Popular writing: 

1. https://thewire.in/agriculture/for-climate-smart-agriculture-to-succeed-need-to-take-into-account-social-dynamics


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i.  WPG 11 Surface Water Resources: Development, Management and Issues: (Semester II) December – March (2020) 2 credit course teaching hours 15.


ii. WPG 28 Contemporary Discourses in Water Sector 2 credit course Semester IV (December to March), Teaching hours 24


iii.CCSS  Natural Resource Governance, Semester IV Teaching 3 hours  (October 2019)


iv.CCSS Natural Resource Governance Semester II, Teaching 3 hours (February 2020)


v. HS 2 State Law and Governance  Semester I, 2 credits course , Teaching 15 hours


vi. WPG 03 Development and Water: Issues and Critical Perspectives, 2 credit course, Semester I, Teaching hours 9


vii. WPG 18 Water and Equity, 2 credit course, Semester III,  Teaching 20 hours


viii. WPG 23 Research Design, 2 credit course, Semester III, Teaching 15 hours:


ix. Foundation course: Ideas of India, Semester I, Social Movements, Teaching 4 hours

Email: suhas.bhasme[at]tiss[dot]edu

Email id: suhas.bhasme@tiss.edu

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