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Dr Sujata Chavan

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Advanced Centre for Women's Studies , School of Development Studies

B.Sc. (Audiology and Speech therapy),
MA MSW (Medical and Psychiatric Social Work - TISS),
Ph.D. (Law) (Mumbai University),
PG.Dip. Human Rights (Indian Institute of Human Rights, New Delhi),
Diploma in Naturopathy (Nature Cure Institute, Nashik)

Asst. Professor at Advanced Centre for Women Studies, SDS, TISS, Mumbai 2011


Marriage Counsellor at Family Court, Mumbai, (from day of establishment of the court) 1989-2011


Medical Social Worker in KEM hospital, GT hospital and TATA Memorial hospital, Mumbai, 1983-89.


Women and law


Mental health

Marriage counselling

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Manual Scavengers of स्वच्छ भारत
https://www.facebook.com/musefoundationwts/videos/2684030848523655/?extid=XMlpzYv07pUX rrH0

कथा संकल्प - डॉक्टर सुजाता चव्हाण (ठाणे)


Short research studies in Migration,

Sonar and Shimpi women,

Sexual harassment at workplace.

Maharashtra Human Rights Commission: Conditions of Work of the safai karmacharis engaged in Sewerage Cleaning Operations, Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika (MCGM) & Recommendations for best practices.

Workshop on sexual harassment at workplace act was organised at TISS, Mumbai

National Seminar on citizenship of women in India was organised at TISS, Mumbai


Feminist Legal Studies, MA

Women's Issues in Tribal and indigenous communities, MA

Family structure and violence within families, MA (Developed the course and teaching)

Field attachment course coordinator

Research guide, MA, MPhil

Email: sujata.chavan[at]tiss[dot]edu