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Dr Sunil Damodaran Santha

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Livelihoods and Social Innovation , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

MSW (MG University),
Ph.D. (IIT Madras)

As an academic with keen interests in the field of environmental risks, climate justice and livelihood uncertainties, I strive towards understanding the role of social institutions and participatory action in reducing vulnerabilities and strengthening just adaptation practices. I believe in action research towards innovating participatory methods of entrepreneurial action and emergent livelihoods.

Action Research 

Knowledge Interfaces in Development

Climate Change Adaptation and Emergent Livelihoods

Collective Action and Natural Resource Management

Innovating Research Methodologies in Social Work Education

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Access to Market: Action Research through Story Telling

Participatory Action Research for Livelihood Promotion and Sustainable Development, IRHDP, Aghai.

Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation in Cities, IIED, London.

Local Knowledge and Early Warning Systems to Coastal Hazards, ICSSR, New Delhi.

Action Research

Project Planning Tools for Livelihood Promotion

Livelihoods Impact Assessment and Evaluation

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