Faculty & Staff

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Dr V. Sawmveli

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Chairperson - Centre for Sociology and Social Anthropology, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
North Eastern Regional Centre

B.A. (Calcutta University),
M.A. (Hyderabad University),
M.Phil. (Hyderabad University),
Ph.D. in department of Sociology (University of Hyderabad)

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  • Sociology of law, religion and gender
  • Legal Pluralism
  • Cultural Studies
  • Research Methodology (qualitative)
  • Gender and Sexual Violence issues especially in North-East India. The role of state, public institutions, legal and religious institutions.


  • Sawmveli, V & Ashley Telly (2010) “Crab Theology: Women, Christianity and Conflict in the ‘Northeast” in Preeti Gill (ed.), “The Peripheral Centre: Voices from India’s Northeast”, Zubaan (An Imprint of Kali for Women), New Delhi, pp. 130-142, ISBN 978-81-89013-60-8.

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  • Theories of Social Anthropology & Sociology
  • Indian Society
  • Sociology of Work
  • Qualitative Research: Theory and Practice

Email: v.sawmveli[at]tiss[dot]edu