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Prof B. Venkatesh Kumar

Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Public Policy and Governance, School of Management and Labour Studies

M.A. (Mumbai), Ph.D. (Mumbai)

Professor of Political Science, Chairperson, Centre for Governance and Public Policy

His research interests include political process and institutions in India, party and party systems in India, governance and public policy making specifically related to higher education reform in India.

Kumar has authored 2 books entitled: The Electoral Reforms in India: Current Discourses and Madhya Pradesh: Development Challenges and a number of papers in journals of national and international repute.

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He taught Political Science at the University of Mumbai from 1997-2009 and currently is a full professor at TISS for 7 years.

Email: venkatesh.kumar[at]tiss[dot]edu

venk71@gmail.com, kumarbvenkatesh@gmail.com