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Prof Vijay Raghavan

Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Criminology and Justice , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

M.A. (TISS), Ph.D. (TISS)

Vijay Raghavan, MA in Social Work with Specialisation in Criminology and Correctional Administration (TISS) and Ph.D. in Social Work (TISS).

Working with the Centre for Criminology and Justice (CCJ), School of Social Work, TISS, since 2005, and currently as a Professor with the Centre.

Prior to 2005, Project Director, Prayas: Social Work in Criminal Justice, a field action project of the CCJ, engaging with issues of protection of legal rights and social re-entry of criminal justice clients, with a special focus on women, children and youth. Part of Prayas since 1990, as its first social worker and continues his involvement with it till date, as faculty-in-charge.

Nominated by TISS in 1995 to participate in the six-week Gender Planning Training Project (GPTP) organized by the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, U.K. and the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administration Academy, Mussoorie, as part of the Uttar Pradesh team to develop and implement a Gender Sensitisation Training Module for police officers.

Member of the Police-TISS Committee set up by the Director General of Police, Maharashtra, in 1993, on “Need for a Cadre of Trained Social Workers in the Criminal Justice System”.

Involved in training of police, prison and judicial officers both at the state and national level on issues such as gender, human rights, prisoners’ rights, correctional laws, anti-trafficking, and re-entry of crime affected persons.

Member, Inter-Departmental Committee on Prisoners; Advisory Committee on Prevention of Immoral Trafficking; Committee on Prevention of Atrocities against Women and Law (2011-14); and Justice Radhakrishnan Committee on Prison Reforms, Maharashtra (2017-18).

Member, Advisory Committee on Prison Reforms and Correctional Administration, Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI

Member, Prison Training Manual Drafting Committee (2016-17), Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI

Member, Board of Studies, College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai University

Member, Board of Studies, Department of Social Work, SNDT University, Mumbai

Vice Chairperson, Indian Society of Criminology

Primary research interests include access to justice and prison reforms, social work practice in criminal justice, human trafficking, youth offender studies, rehabilitation of custodial populations, homelessness and penalisation of poverty, and implementation of correctional laws.

Some recent research projects (completed and ongoing)

1. Status of Implementation of Probation System in Maharashtra,2008

2. Socio-Economic Profile and Rehabilitation Needs of Muslims Community in Prisons in Maharashtra, 2011

3. Making Street Children Matter: A Census Study in Mumbai, 2014

4. National Research Study on Human Trafficking in India - ongoing.

Recent publications:

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Bokil, M. And Raghavan, V. (2016). Women and children as victims and offenders: A case of de-notified tribes in India. In Women and children as victims and offenders: Background, prevention, reintegration (Vol.I), Kury, H., Redo, S., and Shea, E. pp. 755-790, Zurich: Springer International Publishing

Raghavan V. (2016). Under trial prisoners: Long wait for justice. In Economic and Political Weekly, Vol LI (4), January 23, pp. 17-19.

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Association with Field Action Projects:

1. Prayas


2. Koshish




4. Pehel


Courses currently teaching:

1. Social Group Work (2 Credits)

2. Criminology: Trends and Perspectives (2 Credits)

3. Contemporary Debates in Criminal Justice (2 Credits)

4. Critical Perspectives on Social Work: Introduction to Social Theories (2 credits)



Email: vijay.r[at]tiss[dot]edu

Phone: +91-22-25525461